Can I Paint My Composite Decking?

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Can I paint my composite decking

If you want a particular colour design for your decking, you can always paint it. Wood decking boards don’t come in different colours; hence they will need painting. But what about composite boards? Suppose you want the decking to be the same colour as your house. Can you apply paint on composite decking like wood?

Composite Decking

Composite board is also known as plastic wood or wood-plastic decking since it is made from wood fibres and recycled plastic. It differs from wood in that it is not a natural material; composite decking is a synthetic material that contains wood and plastic. 

There are two types of composite board in ultradecking: capped and uncapped composite decking. The capped composite decking is a newer generation of composite decking that has an extra plastic coating on its outer parts. 

While uncapped composite decking is first-generation composite decking, this type of composite decking does not have an additional plastic coating on its outer layer. Whether you want to apply paint or stain your composite decking depends greatly on the type of composite decking you purchase.

Can You Paint Composite Decking?

The makers of the wood-plastic board did not design it to be painted like wood decking. Depending on the type of decking, you may apply paint or stains to it. Newer composite decking has an additional plastic layer on its outer parts, making it difficult for the decking to absorb paint or stain.

 But if you have the older generation composite decking, which does not have an extra plastic coating, you may be able to apply paint on it. You can paint or stain your composite decking depending on the type of decking board you have in your home.

How to Paint Composite Decking

Can i paint composite decking

To paint or stain an uncapped composite decking, you need to prepare the decking. You will need to wash the sand and primer your decking before painting it. 

Gather Your Materials 

You first have to gather the tools you will need to paint your decking. You will need a paintbrush or roller, electric sprayer, paint colour of your choice, primer pressure washer (optional), and sandpaper. Additionally, you will also need a deck cleaner or soap to wash the decking.

Clean the Decking

After you have gathered all the things you need to paint your decking, you can start washing the deck. Use a pressure washer to wash the surface of your deck. Washing the deck will remove dust from its surface. You can also clean your deck by first sweeping it. Then use a brush and soapy water to scrub the deck surface. This will remove any dirt or stains that are on your deck. 

After you have finished washing your decking, you need to use clean water and rinse it. Water will remove any traces of soap left on your deck. Then allow the decking to dry. Before washing the decking, ensure you clear the decking if there is furniture or other objects on it. Cover or remove any potted flower that is close to the decking area.

Sand the Decking

Now that you have finished washing your composite decking, it is time to sand its surface before applying paint or stains on it. When you sand your decking, it will make the deck surface smooth and even. Sanding the decking will also allow the paint to adhere to the material well. 

When sanding your decking, ensure you sand it in the direction of the grain. And remember to sweep the shavings away after you have finished sanding your deck. You can also rinse the decking as well to ensure no trace of shaving is left.

Prime the Decking

Prime your decking board before you start painting it. Choose good deck primers for your composite decking. You can use an acrylic latex primer to prime your decking board. To apply the primer, use a roller to apply it to the decking and allow it to dry.

Paint Composite Decking

Once you have finished priming your decking, you can proceed to start painting it. Mix the paint with a stick before you start applying it to your deck. Apply the paint with a brush or use a roller for fast application. After the first application, allow the paint to dry before painting it a second time.


 You can paint your composite decking if it is uncapped. Uncapped decking does not have an extra plastic coating on its outer part, making it easier for the paint to adhere to the board.



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