Why Should I Choose Composite Decking?

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With the various types of decking boards in the market, you might be unsure of which to choose for your home. Wood decking, plastic decking and composite are the common types of decking material you can find. Of all these materials, composite decking is the most commonly used in UK homes. Why is composite decking the preferable decking board? In this write-up, we will consider what you need to know about composite decking boards. We will also consider why you should choose composite decking for your home.

What is a Composite Board?

What is a composite decking board? With the various deckings in the market, let’s see what composite board is before considering why you should choose composite decking. Composite decking is a kind of decking material known for its durability and long lifespan. The decking board is made up of wood fibres and plastic. These two materials, wood fibre and recycled plastic, are combined with a bonding agent, heated and allowed to cool. The result is a composite decking board. 

Composite Decking Types

Composite decking boards come in different types. There is the capped and also uncapped composite board. The uncapped composite board is the first generation composite decking. This type of composite decking does not have an extra plastic coating on its outer part. They are less resistant to water and suitable in areas with less moisture. Although, it does not reduce the quality of the uncapped composite board. The uncapped decking is durable and long-lasting.

Capped composite decking is the opposite of uncapped decking. It is more resistant to water than the capped decline because it has an extra plastic coating on its outer part. Capped decking is good for installing areas with moisture. Knowing what composite decking is, let’s now consider why you should choose composite decking.

Why Choose Composite Decking?

There are different reasons to consider choosing composite decking over other decking materials. Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing, durable, cost-effective, moisture-resistant and easy to maintain.


Why should I choose composite decking

The beautiful surface of composite decking can’t be compared to other decking materials. Its surface is more aesthetically pleasing than wood decking and even plastic decking. Even though composite decking is not a natural material, its surface can be customised to resemble natural wood. Its surface looks like natural wood and is even more beautiful than wood. 

Lovers of wood, no doubt, will love the look of composite decking. When you install composite decking in your home, it will change the look of your home. Your house will appear more beautiful than ever. Composite decking also comes in various colours that will complement your home design. Homeowners who value aesthetics will choose composite decking over other materials.

Adds Value  

If you want to add to the value of your house, install composite decking. Composite decking is a material that homeowners can use to boost their property value. Composite decking home value will also be dependable on the size of your decking. Installing composite decking in your front yard or backyard is a good way to boost your home’s value. Suppose you want to sell your home; potential buyers will be more attracted to your property if they know you have composite decking. Composite decking is a quality decking material that will increase your home’s value.


If you want a durable decking material, you should choose composite decking. Composite is more durable than wood and plastic decking. Wood decking can break, crack, warp and splinter. Composite, on the other hand, can not break like wood, nor can it warp or splinter. It is a good decking material homeowners can choose for their outdoor space.


Homeowners should consider choosing composite decking in their homes since it’s cost-effective. Composite board is a cost-effective material for timber decking. It is a decking material that you can and won’t regret. It is cost-effective in the sense that it is worth its price. When you purchase composite decking, you will use it for years with the decking getting damaged. Homeowners who want a cost-effective material should choose composite decking.

Moisture Resistant 

You choose composite decking because of its moisture resistance. Composite will not absorb moisture like wood decking. If you want to install your decking in a moist area, it will be more suitable to choose capped composite decking. It has an extra plastic coating that will prevent it from absorbing water or moisture.

Easy Maintenance

Composite decking is easy to maintain. It’s a common reason why homeowners choose composite decking to wood. Composite decking does not need painting or staining. You also don’t need to sand composite decking like wood. If your composite surface is dirty, use water to rinse the decking.


There are numerous reasons why homeowners should choose composite decking. Composite is durable, cost-effective, and moisture-resistant. It is also beautiful and increases the home’s value.


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