Why Composite is the Best Decking For Homes

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Are you looking for a decking material for your home? Why not use composite decking? Using composite decking for flooring your outdoor space has many more advantages than other materials. Apart from being more durable than wood, composite decking is aesthetically pleasing. It makes your home more beautiful and, more importantly, adds value to your home. Many house owners in the UK use ultra decking composite in their homes, knowing it’s the best decking material. Let’s discuss why composite decking is the best decking for homes.

What To Know About Composite Decking

With a lot of flooring materials in the market, many UK homeowners still prefer to use composite boards to wood. Other flooring materials include porcelain tiles, laminate, plastic decking, and concrete. But composite decking surpasses them all; that is why it is regarded as the best decking for homes. What is composite decking made of? 

Composite is made from wood and plastic material. Wood fibres, recycled plastic, and a bonding agent are combined, heated, and cool to form the decking boards. Composite decking composition made it the best decking for homes. Even though it is a synthetic decking material, composite decking benefits are outstanding. Let’s see reasons why composite decking is the best decking for homes.

Why Composite Decking Is the Best For Home

There are several reasons why composite decking is best for flooring your home. Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing than wood; it is durable and resistant to moisture. In addition, composite is also easy to maintain.

Why composite is the best decking for homes


The composite board has a beautiful surface. Its surface looks like natural wood but is more beautiful than wood. Even though composite is a synthetic decking material, it does not have a synthetic look like plastic decking. The composite also comes in various colours like grey, brown, anthracite, chocolate, and black. It allows you to create beautiful decking designs in your outdoor space. 

A good thing about composite decking colour is that it does not fade like wood. The composite board has UV protection that prevents the sun from fading its colour. So, if you use composite board in your home, your home will stay beautiful for several years. Its aesthetics is one of the reasons why composite decking is the best flooring material for homes. 


The durability of the composite board also added to the reason why it’s the best decking for homes. Composite is more durable than wood, making it the best decking material. Wood decking is likely to break due to heavy foot traffic, but composite will not break. Also, composite decking can not splinter like wood. The decking will last for a long time since it is highly durable.

Moisture Resistant 

Apart from being durable, composite is also resistant to moisture. Wood decking will absorb moisture or water, but composite will not. Composite has a plastic coating on its surface that prevents the absorption of moisture or water.

 If you use wood decking for your outdoor flooring, it’s likely the wood will rot over time due to moisture. Composite decking is the best for homes since it is water or moisture resistant. You can use composite decking for flooring your pool area without the board getting damaged.

Resistant to Temperature Change

Composite decking is resistant to temperature change and will not warp. When the temperature is high, the board will expand without damaging it. It will expand without shifting from its original position when there is an increase in temperature. Also, the composite will contract when the temperature is cool. The board will not warp like wood if it expands and contracts. It makes composite boards the best decking for homes. 


The lifespan of composite decking is longer than other decking materials. Plastic decking is durable like composite but has about 20 years. Wood decking, on the other hand, has a lower lifespan compared to plastic and composite boards. The lifespan of wood decking is about 15 years if you maintain the wood properly. At the same time, composite decking lifespan ranges from 25 to 30 years, depending on the decking brand. The longer lifespan of composite makes it the best decking material, as every homeowner will prefer long-lasting decking.

Easy Maintenance 

Everyone will love a material that is easy to maintain. Composite decking is a flooring material that requires much maintenance, like wood. It does not need sanding or painting like wood decking. Composite requires cleaning to maintain its beautiful appearance. If you install composite boards in your home, you will save money on maintenance.


There are many reasons composite decking is the best to use in your home. Composite decking is a strong material that will make your home beautiful. It is also long-lasting and easy to maintain. 


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