Which is Better Between Wood and Composite decking?

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Adding ultradecking to your outdoor space is a good way to make your home look luxurious. Composite decking and wood decking are among the most popular decking types homeowners use in their yards. Although composite decking has the appearance of wood, they differ from each other. In terms of cost, durability and maintenance, they are not the same. To know which is better between and composite decking, we have to examine both materials in terms of cost, maintenance and durability. When we have examined all that, you will now decide which is better between wood and composite decking.

Wood Decking

Wood decking



Timber decking is a good decking material you can use in building a deck in your outdoor space. Wood is natural and not artificial like other flooring options like plastic and composite decking. The decking makers create wood decking from trees. The trees are cut down and taken to the factory and shaped into wood decking. Pressure-treated wood is an example of wood used for wood decking.


When it comes to cost, wood is not expensive to purchase. It is an affordable decking material when compared to composite decking. If you are on a low budget, installing a lumber deck is an alternative to composite decking. In addition, the cost to install wood and composite decking are not the same. It is more costly to install lumber in your home than composite decking.


Wood is a durable material, but its durability can’t compare to that of composite decking. Timber decking can swell and rot if you expose it to water or moisture. Additionally, wood decking can also warp. It is also prone to termites damage. Wood decking could not repel termites unless you infused it with chemicals.


Although wood is cheaper than composite decking, it can be very expensive to maintain. The cost to maintain a wood decking can be discouraging. Wood can fade if you expose it to the elements. So, you will need money to buy paint, sealants or stains to maintain the decking appearance. Apart from that, it will also cost you money to replace the decking if it splinters or rot.

Composite Decking

 composite decking board

Composite decking is a sustainable decking option for wood. It comprises wood fibres and recycled plastic material. These materials are combined in the industry together with a bonding agent to form composite decking. Composite board is not as natural as wood. Even though it has the look of, composite decking is an artificial decking material.


The cost to purchase composite decking is higher than wood. Composite decking might not be the best option for homeowners who are on a low budget. Although the price of the composite board varies depending on the manufacturer, it is still more expensive than wood decking. Additionally, the cost of installing composite board is higher than wood decking. Wood decking is cheaper to install if you compare it to WPC.


To know which is better between wood and composite decking, consider the durability of composite board. Composite boards are more durable than wood. The addition of recycled plastic materials in the composite decking makes it more durable than timber.

In addition, composite can resist the elements more than wood decking. A reason for this is its high durability. Wood-plastic composite can not rot or splinter. It is also resistant to water and moisture. Apart from that, termites can not damage composite like wood.


You should not overlook the easy maintenance of wood-plastic board when considering better between wood and composite decking. Composite decking is not prone to damages like lumber, so it does not need part replacement. Apart from that, wood-plastic composite does not require the application of sealants, paints or stains to make it last longer. It only needs cleaning when there is a stain on the decking. You can always use soap and water to keep it clean.

Which is Better Between Wood and Composite Decking 

If you are looking for a low budget decking option, timber is preferable to composite decking. Wood decking is good for homeowners who want something affordable. The lifespan of a wood decking can extend to 15 years with proper maintenance.

Composite decking is a good decking option for homeowners wanting a quality decking material with fewer maintenance costs. Wood-plastic decking is more expensive than wood, but it’s worth the price if you consider its advantages. Its lifespan can extend to 30 years and above.


To know which is better between wood and composite decking, you have to consider the cost, durability as well as maintenance. Wood is a better option than composite if you want something cheap. Composite decking is also a better option for homeowners who want quality decking.


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