Which Is Better between Composite and Plastic Decking?

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Homeowners have long used wood decking in their homes to construct a decking. The downfall of wood decking is that it is prone to damage. In recent times, homeowners no longer use wood decking because of other decking alternatives. Plastic and composite decking are homeowners can use alternative flooring materials instead of wood. These two have similar features, but they differ from each other. If you are new to installing these flooring materials, you might be confused about which to install between composite and plastic decking. When comparing composite and plastic decking material, which is better?

Composite Decking Material

Which Is Better between Composite and Plastic Decking?

You might have wondered what composite decking is? A composite decking board is an excellent alternative to timber decking. A compound material should come to mind when you hear the word composite. Such material consists of more than one component. Composite decking is a flooring material that contains more than one component. It is not like wood, which contains mainly wood decking, nor is it like plastic decking that contains 100% plastic.

Composite decking contains two different materials – recycled plastic material and wood fibres. This material undergoes a heating process in the industry and is cooled to form composite decking boards. Composite decking is available in various sizes and colours that you can choose.

The composite decking also has different textures and can be customized to have a texture that resembles that of natural wood. Let us consider plastic decking to determine which is better between composite and plastic decking.

Plastic Decking Material

When you hear the word plastic, a decking material made from plastic should come to your mind. Plastic decking is a flooring material that contains 100% plastic. It’s not like composite decking that contains a mixture of two different materials.

Plastic decking is made from polyvinyl chloride. It differs from composite decking in that plastic decking has a synthetic look. Plastic decking board comes in different sizes and colours that you can use for your outdoor flooring. Now that we know what composite and plastic decking are, let’s consider which is better between the two materials.

Composite vs Plastic, Which is Better?

We need to compare the two to determine which is better between composite and plastic decking.


To know which is better between composite and plastic decking in terms of cost, let’s consider the cost. PVC is more expensive than composite decking material. The amount to purchase PVC is twice the amount to purchase composite decking. Composite decking is preferable to PVC if you’re going for not too expensive flooring material.

Surface Texture

When you take a closer look at composite decking and plastic decking, you will notice that there’s a difference in their surface texture. Composite decking is a material that can be customized to look like wood because it contains wood fibres. Homeowners who have used wood decking can surely tell that composite decking has the same texture and looks like natural wood.

The surface of the composite decking board resembles that of wood decking. It makes composite decking more beautiful than plastic decking. No wonder composite decking is valued for its aesthetics compared to other decking materials.

Plastic decking does not have the look and feel of wood. Its surface does not look like that of a composite decking board. PVC decking has a synthetic surface that makes it different from composite decking. Comparing the surface of both materials, we can conclude that the composite decking surface is better than plastic.


WPC and plastic decking are easy to maintain when it comes to maintenance. These two decking materials do not require painting, sanding or sealing like a wood decking. Also, composite and PVC decking are very easy to clean. If there is any stain on the decking board, you can easily wipe the stain away with liquid detergents. So in terms of maintenance, no one is better between composite and plastic decking. They both require little maintenance, and you don’t need to spend a large amount of money maintaining both decking materials.


Which is better between composite and plastic decking? Both materials are easy to maintain. But when it comes to cost and aesthetics, the former is better than the latter.


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