Which Decking Material Is the Best For Gardens?

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Installing decking in your garden is a great way to make your garden look modern. But with the various types of decking material in the market, it might be difficult for you to decide which is the best. Ultradecking composite boards, plastic decking, and wood decking are the decking options to choose from. But, which of these decking materials is the best for gardens?

Types of Decking Materials For Gardens 

Wood Decking

Wood decking is the oldest decking material in the market. It has long been used to build decks in homes and gardens. There are various types of wood decking in the market. There is pressure-treated wood decking and deckings made from hardwood and softwoods. 

Pressure-treated decking is obtained from pressure-treated pines; these pines are treated with chemicals and used to form pressure-treated wood decking. Besides that, there are also deckings made from wood like cedar, you, and redwood. These types of wood decking are more expensive and last longer than pressure-treated decking.

Although being the cheapest decking material, it has a lot of downsides. Wood decking is not resistant to water or moisture.  It is also less resistant to termites. Besides that, wood decking requires spending a lot of money on maintenance. You have to keep painting or sanding the decking if you want it to look beautiful. Additionally, pressure-treated wood can leach chemicals into the soil, making it the best decking material for gardens.

 Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is a durable material, more durable than wood. It is made from polyvinyl chloride, a material that is 100% plastic. It is durable and lasts at least 20 years on average. The material is water-resistant, mould resistant and termite-resistant. It also has a beautiful surface but looks synthetic. Plastic decking is a good decking but very expensive. Unlike wood decking that is cheap, plastic decking is a more expensive material in the market. It is more expensive than wood and composite decking. It is a good material to use for your garden if you have a high budget for your decking project.

Composite Decking

Best decking material for gardens

Composite decking is a kind of decking made from both wood and plastic. You can also refer to it as wood-plastic decking. Composite decking is a durable material like plastic decking that you can use in your garden. It is also more durable than timber and the best alternative to wood decking material. In terms of durability, composite is a very strong material. It won’t break or crack and can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Although composite decking is more expensive than wood, it is not as expensive as plastic. It is not too expensive and good for homeowners on a budget. Composite decking board is the type of decking that is worth its price. It is easy to maintain, thereby helping you spend less on maintenance.

Apart from that, composite is also water-resistant and will not get damaged even if you install it in a moist area. Composite is also resistant to temperature change. It will expand and contract without warping. It is an eco-friendly decking and safe for use in your garden. Wood-plastic decking will not leach chemicals into the soil, thereby making it the best garden decking option.

Homeowners who want the best decking material for their garden should consider composite decking.

Which Decking Material Is the Best For Gardens

Knowing the different types of decking materials and their pros and cons, we can now conclude which is the best. The composite decking material is the best for gardens. It is a durable decking material that will last for a very long time. Besides that, composite decking is also resistant to moisture, so you can use it in your garden knowing it will last long. Also, termites can not eat composite decking. It is a type of decking material that you can maintain easily.

Wood decking, on the other hand, is good for gardens but not as durable as composite decking. It needs a lot of maintenance and doesn’t last as long as Composite. 

Plastic decking is as durable as composite, but composite decking lasts longer. If you think of the best decking material to use in your garden, consider composite decking.


Composite decking is the best material for gardens. It is an eco-friendly material that is safe for use. Besides that, composite is cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain.


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