Which Deck Material Lasts the Longest?

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Which deck material lasts the longest? There are different kinds of deck materials in Ultradecking. There is wood decking, composite decking, and PVC decking. Knowing the kind of deck material that will last the longest might be a little bit difficult for you. If you want to know which deck material lasts the longest, you have to examine the different types of deckings, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

Types of Deck Material

Which Deck Material Lasts the Longest?

As mentioned earlier, there are varieties of deck materials, and each of these decking boards has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider each deck material to know which one will last the longest.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is a natural deck material made that can last long. Wood decking has a natural look and texture. They blend well with any existing structural design, making them a preferable choice by homeowners.  Besides that, wood decking is also more affordable than other decking types.

There are different types of wood the manufacturers use in making wood decking. Among the woods are pressure-treated wood, cedar and redwood. Pressure-treated wood contains chemicals. Wood undergoes a chemical treatment at high pressure to form pressure-treated decking boards. The chemicals used in treating the wood prevent the wood from rotting. Apart from that, it also prevents fungi and insects like termites from growing. It makes pressure-treated deck material last longer than untreated wood.

Redwood and cedar are other kinds of wood deck materials that will last for years. They don’t contain chemicals like pressure-treated timber. But they are strong and also resistant to insects, rot and fungi. Besides that, they can also withstand the elements and strive in moisture areas.

Disadvantages of Wood Decking

Since wood is prone to damage, wood decking requires a lot of maintenance. If you have a wood deck in your home, you will need to treat the deck to make it last for a very long time.

Also, wood decking colour can fade over time. Hence they require annual staining or painting to maintain their looks.

Apart from that, wood decking can splinter over time. A wooden deck can crack due to the wear and tear of the material.

In addition, a wood decking board will swell if it absorbs water; to keep that from happening, you will need to waterproof your deck. You can waterproof a wood deck by coating it with sealers.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is another type of deck material that can last for years. It looks like a wood decking but is not as natural as wood. Composite decking is a composite material that contains both wood and plastic. These two materials are what make up the composite decking board. The composite decking board is also known as wood-plastic decking.

Wood-plastic decking boards are visually more appealing than wood and can stay beautiful for years. When it comes to which deck material lasts longer, composite decking lasts longer than wood. This is because composite decking is stronger and more durable than wood.

Composite decking material tends to last longer because it is less prone to damage. A wood-plastic deck will not crack and splinter like wood. Apart from that, composite decking is resistant to insects that cause damage to wood. This means that termites cannot damage a composite board. The material is so much stronger than wood that termites can not eat it.

Additionally, composite decking is resistant to moisture. It will not swell and get damaged since it does not absorb moisture. A composite board can span up to 30 years and above.

Disadvantages of Composite Decking

The disadvantage of wood-plastic decking is that it is more expensive than wood decking.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is also a deck material similar to composite decking. But it differs from composite in that it contains plastic only. PVC deckings are also durable and long-lasting, like composite decking. They are also resistant to insects and water and will not rot. PVC is a good decking option if you want a deck of material that lasts longer.

Disadvantages of PVC

The downside of PVC decking is that it is costly. It is more expensive than composite decking. In addition, PVC is synthetic. It does have the look of natural wood.


The deck material that lasts the longest is composite decking and PVC decking. Composite decking is preferred to PVC because it is visually appealing and has the look of wood.


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