What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Composite Deck

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What to avoid when cleaning your composite deck

What are the mistakes to avoid when cleaning your composite deck? Cleaning your deck is an excellent way of maintaining it, but there are certain mistakes to avoid while cleaning. Making mistakes in cleaning composite decking can lead to additional maintenance. Avoiding these mistakes will make your ultra decking board last longer and make maintain your decking. Let’s consider some of the mistakes to avoid when cleaning your decking.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Deck

Cleaning your composite deck is an easy way to maintain it. But there are certain mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your deck. Let’s consider a few of the things you should avoid doing if you have a composite deck.

Using Bleach to Kill Mould

Mould can attack your decking material; when this happens, most homeowners turn to use bleach to get rid of the moulds. When you want to remove moulds from your composite decking, using bleach is one of the mistakes you should avoid. You should also watch out for deck cleaners that contain bleach.  Chlorine bleach or deck cleaners that contain sodium hypochlorite can damage composite decking. 

 Avoid using this type of bleach if you don’t want your decking to get damaged early. While some deck cleaners may contain oxygen bleach which is milder than chlorine, using oxygen bleach to clean composite boards should be your last option. 

Composite decking requires simple cleaning with soapy water. The decking is not difficult to clean, making it easier for you to use soapy water for the deckings. You can also use natural deck cleaners like bicarbonate of soda or baking and vinegar. These natural substances can effectively kill mould and remove stains from a composite deck.

Pressure Washing Too Close to Your Decking

What to avoid when cleaning your composite decking

Another mistake to avoid with composite decking is using a pressure washer. Many homeowners use a power washer to clean their decking because it’s faster. You can use the machine to clean your decking faster than manual cleaning. When using a pressure washer on composite decking, you need to be very careful. You should not apply too much pressure when using the machine. 

Composite decking is not like a wood deck; while pressure washing your deck, the fan can damage your deck surface if you move the pressure washer too close to it. It is better to avoid using a pressure washer for composite decking if you are not good at handling the machine. A water hose is a safe and good option if you want to rinse the surface of a composite deck. 

Using Metal Shovel to Remove Snow

What might come to mind if you want to clean snow from your deck is a shovel. Shovels are great for removing snow on your driveway or walkway but not on composite decking. Metal shovels can damage the surface of your composite decking; that is why you should avoid using them. 

You should use plastic shovels instead since the plastic can not scrape the surface of your deck. If the snow on your deck is light, you can sweep the snow off your decking. Or better still, use ice melt to dissolve snow or ice on your decking.

Ignoring the Gaps Between the Deckings

The gaps between your decking are important as it aids the easy passage of water off your deck. Sometimes we make mistakes while cleaning our decking by ignoring the gaps between the boards. When cleaning your composite decking, you should avoid ignoring the spaces between the deckings. 

Sometimes, dirt gets stuck between the gaps, thereby causing water to pool on deckings. When cleaning your deck, ensure you also clean the spaces between the decking board. Remove dirt that gets stuck between the gap with a knife or any other object.

Using the Wrong Deck Cleaner

The right cleaner for composite decking is water and soap. Sometimes, all that is needed is to rinse the decking, and if there are stains on it, gently scrubbing with soapy water will do the job. Most homeowners mistake using harsh deck cleaners to clean their composite deck.

 These cleaners sometimes contain chlorine bleach which can damage composite decking. When using soap on your composite deck, you should avoid using the type that contains ammonia. That is why it is recommended to use your liquid dishwasher, as they are ammonia-free to clean your composite decking.


What are the mistakes to avoid when cleaning a composite deck? You should avoid using bleach and metal on your decking. Also, do not move your pressure washer too close to your decking when cleaning.



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