What Material Should I Use to Replace My Wood Decking?

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If your wood decking is old and needs replacement, you should replace it with a more durable material than wood. Selecting the best decking material to replace your wood deck is vital if you want it to last longer than your former decking. Composite decking and plastic decking are two available kinds of decking materials in the Ultradecking that you can use in place of your wood decking. Of these two materials, which should you use to replace a wood decking?

When to Replace Your Wood Decking?

What Material Should I Use to Replace My Wood Decking?

It is easy to know when a wood decking is old and needs replacement. When the wood decking is old, it will start showing some visible signs. Rot is one of the signs to note if you need to replace your wood decking. Wood is prone to rot, mainly if it has absorbed moisture for a very long time. When wood absorbs moisture from its surroundings, the wood will swell.

One of the downsides of wood decking is that it is impervious to water or moisture. It can absorb moisture and even water. When this occurs over time, your wood decking will swell and will eventually start to rot. By then, you should know that your wood decking needs replacement when you start noticing rotting signs.

Wood decking will also need replacement if you notice that the decking has started to warp. Warping can occur as a result of the expansion and contraction of the wood decking board. If there is a temperature change, your timber decking will warp as it expands and contracts.

Another sign to note is when your wood decking starts to crack or splinter. Wood decking can crack when moisture dries rapidly from the wood. If your wood decking absorbs moisture and dries quickly, it can cause the decking to start cracking. Wood decking can also crack when there is too much pressure on it. It can crack or splinter due to the wear and tear of the decking material.

Choose the Best Material to Replace your Wood Decking

The two alternative decking materials homeowners can use to replace their wood decking are plastic and composite decking. We will consider these two materials to find the best you can use to replace your wooden deck.

Plastic Decking 

Plastic decking is a durable material that homeowners can use to replace wood decking. As the name implies, plastic decking contains plastic material only. It is synthetic and not natural like wood decking. A good thing about plastic decking is that it is resistant to water and moisture. A plastic deck will not absorb water or moisture from its environment. If plastic decking repels water and moisture, it means that the decking cannot rot like wood.

Also, plastic boards will not warp, crack or splinter like timber decking. It is a good material you can replace with your wood deck. When choosing plastic decking, you must as well consider your budget. Plastic decking boards are costly to purchase. It is three times more expensive than a wood decking board.

Composite Decking 

Composite decking is another material homeowners can use to replace their old wood decking. The material is not 100% natural like wood decking since it is made of plastic and wood fibre. The good thing about composite decking is that it can be customised to look like wood decking. Homeowners value composite boards because they have a high aesthetic value.

Composite decking is a strong material that is resistant to water and moisture. It is similar to plastic decking that repels water or moisture. Composite decking is also resistant to rot; it will not rot like wood decking. Apart from that, the material is very durable and easy to maintain.

Also, the composite board can not warp like wood due to climate change. The composite board will expand and contract freely without warping. In addition to that, composite decking cannot break or splinter like wood decking. Homeowners who install composite decking in their garden can use it for years without the board splintering.

Wood-plastic decking is a material that homeowners can afford; it is a cost-effective decking that is not as expensive as plastic decking. The good thing about the composite board is that it is easier to maintain and has a longer warranty. A composite decking board can have a lifespan warranty of 30 years and above.


The material you should use to replace your wood decking should have a lifespan warranty rather than wood. Also, the material should be affordable and also easy to maintain.

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