What Material Is Best for Installing Garden Decking?

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Building a deck in your garden will make you want to spend more time outdoors. Besides that, the decking will also make your garden look modern and classy. It is vital to use the best decking material when choosing to install a deck outdoors. Composite decking, wood decking and plastic decking are the common types of decking material in the Ultradecking. These materials are superior to each other in terms of benefits. We will examine the benefits and limitations to help you know which materials are the best for installing a garden decking.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is a good material you can use to install a deck in your garden. It is affordable and good for homeowners with a low budget. But wood is no longer used in building decks as it is prone to damage and difficult to maintain.

Lumber decking is not resistant to moisture or water and decays over time. It is also prone to termite damage, so there is a likelihood that termites will eat your wood decking. Also, wood decking can warp, break and splinter.

In terms of maintenance, you need to have money to buy deck stains or paint for your wood decking. Remember that you will also need to sand the wood before staining and also sealing. All these require a large amount of money as you will have to keep maintaining the wood to make it beautiful.

Composite Decking

What Material Is Best for Installing Garden Decking?

Composite decking, also known as wood-plastic decking, is a good alternative to lumber decking. The decking is more durable than wood, thereby making it the best flooring material. To know more about composite decking, we will consider some of its benefits.

Composite Decking Has a Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of composite decking is more than that of wood decking. Depending on the brand of composite decking you purchase, composite decking can last for 25 to 30 years. It is because the board is less prone to damage, unlike wood decking. If you install composite decking in your garden, you will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Wood decking, on the other hand, has an average lifespan of 15 years with adequate maintenance. You have to keep maintaining the wood to make it last longer.

It Requires Little Maintenance

Composite decking requires little maintenance. It is the best material for Installing garden decking as you don’t need to spend your savings on maintenance. Composite decking maintenance involves cleaning the decking board regularly. Regular cleaning will prevent leaves from accumulating on the decking. During winter, it’s also important to clear snow from the deck surface to prevent it from slipping. Composite board is the best material for garden decking as it is not difficult to maintain like wood. Also, it doesn’t require you to spend your money on maintenance like you would if you install wood decking.

Composite Decking Will Make Your Garden Beautiful

Wood-plastic decking will add beauty to your garden. It is the best material for Installing garden decking because of its aesthetics.

Composite decking has the appearance and texture of wood but is more beautiful than wood. If you install wood-plastic decking in your garden, it will create a focal point for your guest.

Also, composite decking has different colours; it does not require painting like wood. The colour of wood-plastic decking also does not fade. If you install a decking area in your garden with a composite board, the colour of the decking will remain the same for years. Homeowners can install dark coloured or light coloured boards in their garden. They can even create a contrast with the board by using different decking colours.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is a good material for installing garden decking. The material is similar to composite decking, just that PVC is made from plastic only. Plastic decking is also very expensive and may not be the best material for garden decking for homeowners with little budget.

In terms of durability, PVC decking and composite decking are similar. Plastic decking is water and moisture resistant. Also, Termites can not eat plastic decking like wood. PVC decking can not warp, crack or splinter.

Another benefit of plastic decking is its aesthetics. The decking board comes in different colours, like composite decking. Also, the colour of the decking does not fade. The surface of plastic decking is beautiful but looks synthetic. It doesn’t have much aesthetic value like a composite board. Homeowners who value aesthetics will rather go for composite decking because of its texture.

PVC decking also has a longer lifespan. But that of composite decking surpasses that of PVC. A plastic decking can last for 20 years with less maintenance. Maintaining plastic decking is easy and does not require spending large sums of money.


The material that is best for installing garden decking is composite decking. Wood-plastic decking requires little maintenance; it is also durable and will last longer.


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