What Is the Most Durable Composite Decking?

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When it comes to decking, durability is one of the most crucial factors when deciding what type of decking materials to use. Not only will you want a long-lasting decking, but you also want a safe and sturdy one. But the question is, what is the most durable Ultradecking composite decking?

Composite Decking Durability

Composite deckings are some of the most durable decking options. Composite decking can last for more than 25 years, some even a lifetime. Compared to wood, they are also more resistant to damages, such as moulding, rotting, insects, and moisture. If you want a long-lasting decking, it’s one of the better options.

However, not all composites perform the same way. Since there are different types and brands of composites, some may be durable than others. But the question is, how can you tell which one is the most durable?

Choosing the Most Durable Composite Decking

What Is the Most Durable Composite Decking?


With so many types and brands of composite decking, it can be challenging to pick which one to use. Of course, one of the things you’ll want to factor in is durability. Here are a few things that you can consider to find the most durable decking materials.

  1. Capped vs Uncapped – To protect the quality of the boards, many manufacturers apply a protective coating on their products. It shields the boards from moisture, moulds, and rotting. However, not all boards have the same caps. Some have none, while others have three or four capped sides. When durability is in question, it’s best to remove non-capped boards from your choices. That leaves you with three or four capped sides. Which one should you choose? While both have advantages over the other, many agree that boards that have three capped sides, excluding the bottom, are better and more durable. Not having any protective layer on the bottom side of the boards provides better ventilation and drainage.
  2. Solid vs Hollow Boards – Composite decking boards are quite dense, which makes them very durable and impact-resistant. The downside is that they can be heavier than other decking materials. Because of the weight, people may find it difficult to transport and install composites, especially for DIY builders. Because of this, manufacturers designed composite boards that are hollow inside. While they have the same advantages, they can be less durable than solid decking boards. They also produce more sound when you walk on them. It can be ideal for deckings that won’t be under a lot of loads. Otherwise, solid decking boards are better.
  3. First-Generation vs Newer Generations – In the market, there exist different generations of composite decking boards. While rarer, there are still first-generation composites. They are the earlier designs and don’t have as much durability as their newer counterparts. Most of these first-generation composite boards also don’t have protective capping to prevent weather damage. The good news is, not many manufacturers produce these types of decking boards.
  4. Best Brands – When buying composite decking boards, one of the people’s deciding factors is the brand. If you’re going to get composite decking boards, make sure to get them from trusted and reliable brands. These brands also offer excellent warranty coverage.

Durable Decking Brands

When it comes to composite decking brands, a lot of names come to mind. Brands such as Trex and Timbertech are all well-known manufacturers that produce high-quality products. However, many other brands in the market can provide as much quality as these brands. One example of this is Ultra Decking.

Not only do they produce quality decking boards, but they also sell them cheaper than other brands. You can also choose from different shades and colours. They also provide warranty coverage of 10 to 25 years, depending on the products.

While brand names are important when considering durability, don’t let it stop you from checking out other brands. You may find that some manufacturers can offer top-notch and durable materials for less price.

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