What Is the Best Type of Flooring Material?

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Selecting the best type of flooring material for your home can be difficult if you are new to flooring. Concrete, wood, PVC decking, and composite decking are examples of flooring materials for your outdoor space. If you want the best flooring material, choose a type that is durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Types of Flooring Materials

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Knowing the best flooring material to use in your home, you need to consider the various types. A good understanding of each type of flooring material will help you decide which is best for your outdoor space.

 Wood Flooring Material

Wood is a good flooring material you can use for your home. They are durable and naturally beautiful. There are different types of wood you can use as a flooring material for your home. You can make use of hardwood and also softwood. Hardwoods are stronger and more durable than softwood. They are also resistant to weather conditions and will not rot on time.

Softwood, on the other hand, is also durable but not as durable as hardwood. Pressure-treated wood is an example of softwood homeowners can use for flooring their outdoor space. They are resistant to rot and termites because they contain chemicals.

The downside of using wood decking for your home is that it can be prone to termite damage. Termites will damage untreated decking. Apart from that, wood is not resistant to water or moisture. They can absorb moisture and swell when there is a temperature change. And when the wood absorbs moisture, it will eventually rot. Additionally, if you use pressure-treated wood as a flooring material, the chemicals in the wood can be harmful if you come in contact with it.

Composite Decking Flooring

Ultradecking composite board is a good flooring material type compared to wood decking boards. It is more durable than wood and has a prolonged lifespan. The composite decking material is beautiful and will increase your home aesthetics. Apart from that, composite decking flooring material can also increase your home’s value. It is a good flooring material that can stay beautiful for years.

In addition, using composite decking as a flooring material will keep you from spending much on maintenance. A composite decking flooring material does not require painting like wood since the board comes in different colours. It has ultraviolet ray protection that prevents the board from fading.

Composite boards cannot rot, meaning you won’t have to spend money replacing any damaged board. It is resistant to moisture and will not absorb moisture. The composite decking board is also invulnerable to termite damage. It is resistant to the elements and will not get damaged when there is a temperature change.

The downside of composite decking flooring material is that it is more expensive than wood decking.

Concrete Flooring Material

Concrete is also a good type of flooring material. It is hard, durable and will last for a long time. You can keep the concrete floor natural or stain it with any colour of your choice. Apart from that, concrete floors are also easy to maintain and will require sealing.  Another thing about concrete is that it is affordable.

The downside of concrete flooring is that it is susceptible to crack. A concrete floor can develop cracks over time. Apart from that, moisture coming from beneath the concrete slab can make the concrete damp. Moisture can also damage any surface treatment like paint.

PVC Flooring Material

PVC decking is also a material that is good for outdoor flooring. It is durable, and it’s also less prone to damage. Besides that, PVC decking is resistant to water and moisture. If you install it by the poolside, the deckings will not absorb water. It can not rot or decay like wood. PVC is also resistant to mould and algae.

The downside of using PVC decking as a flooring material is that it has a synthetic look. It is also more expensive than wood, composite and concrete flooring.

What is the Best Type of Flooring Material?

When selecting the best type of flooring material for your home, you should focus on the advantages and limitations of the material. You should also consider your budget.

Wood decking is an affordable flooring material but is more prone to damage. Concrete is also affordable, but it’s hard on the feet and prone to cracking. PVC flooring material is durable but much more expensive than other flooring materials. It also has a synthetic look.

On the other hand, composite decking is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can last for a long time. Although it is more expensive than wood, it is less prone to damage and easier to maintain.


The best type of flooring material is less prone to damage, cost-effective and easier to maintain. The composite decking board fits this description.

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