What is the Best Timber to Use For Decking Frame?

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When choosing the kind of timber to use for your ultra decking frame, you have to select a good timber. Selecting the right type of wood will make your decking last for a long time. You should always go for the best wood type that will suit your decking project. It is also important to get familiar with different types of wood to know the best to choose from. We will first consider factors to consider when choosing timber for the decking frame. After that, we will then examine the best timber to use for a decking frame?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Timber for Decking Frame

What is the Best Timber to Use For Decking Frame?

Before choosing a timber type for your decking frame, some factors are worth considering. Examining these factors will help you in making the right choice. The factors to consider include budget, availability, appearance, maintenance, and location.


When choosing timber for your decking frame, you have to consider your budget. Decking timbers differ in price; some are expensive while others are cheap. There are hardwoods that are more expensive compared to pressure-treated wood.

If you are working on a budget, ensure you choose a timber that meets your budget. And also the type that suits the purpose of your decking.


Another factor to consider is the availability of the timber you intend to use for your decking. Is the timber readily available? Choosing a kind of timber that is not readily available in your locality might be difficult to get. Availability of the kind of wood you want to use for your decking project is a factor that is worth considering.


When selecting timber for your decking frame, you should consider the color you would like for your deck. Most people choose good-looking wood for their decking project. It will make the wood blend well with your decking. You can also use a Colourtone to coat the timber. Choosing a shade that is the same as the wood’s natural color will enhance the wood.


The location or where you want to build your decking also matters. When considering the type of timber to choose, select a type that will be suitable for the environment. For instance, if you are staying in a moist area, select a wood type that can withstand moisture. Additionally, you can also choose a wood that can withstand different climate conditions.


When choosing timber for decking frame , always bear in mind that some wood types are easier to maintain than others. However, no matter the kind of timber you choose for your deck project, it will still require some form of maintenance.

The Best Timber to Use For Decking Frame?

Knowing the factors to consider when choosing timber for decking, let’s see the best timber for decking.


Hardwood is suitable for deckings frames. There are varieties of hardwood that are suitable for deckings. Ironbark is a kind of hardwood; it is also the most durable type of hardwood. Apart from that, Ironbark can not rot. It is also resistant to wood-eating insects like termites. Ironbark is one of the best timber for decking.

In addition, you can also use another type of hardwood like Jarrah and Spotted gum. These wood types are the best for your decking project.

Pressure-Treated Timber

Another kind of timber you can use for decking frames is pressure-treated wood. It is a kind of timber infused with chemicals to make it resistant to rot. Pressure-treated timber is also resistant to damaging wood insects like termites and caterpillar ants. Additionally, pressure-treated lumber is a cheap alternative to hardwood. It is affordable but does not have the durability of hardwood.


The best timber to use for the decking frame should be a kind that will last longer. Hardwoods like Spotted gum, Ironbark, and Jarrah are suitable for decking frames. Additionally, you can also use pressure-treated timber.

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