What Is the Best Material to Build a Patio?

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A patio can serve as a place to unwind after a long day. Ultradecking have different materials you can use to build a patio in your home. Choosing the best material to build a patio depends on your taste. Homeowners who want something traditional prefer using concrete for the patio. Some of the materials you can use to make a patio include wood, concrete, composite, and plastic decking. All these materials are good but which one of them is the best. If you are new to building a patio, choosing, the best material might be somewhat difficult. How do you know the best material to build a patio?

Types of Patio Material

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There are different kinds of materials you can use for building a patio. You can use concrete, wood and composite decking to build a patio. Besides that, you can also use plastic decking for your patio. Before deciding which one is the best material to build a patio, let’s consider each of these materials.

Concrete as a Patio Material

A concrete patio can be a good addition to your property. It is one of the oldest materials homeowners use in building a patio. Concrete is economical and easy to install. Apart from that, if you use concrete to make a patio, it will last for a very long time. Concrete is a good patio material you can use for your outdoor space. Hence, you have to properly maintain a concrete patio material against the damage caused by rain, ice, heat, and cold.

Wood Decking Material

Wood decking is also another material you can use to construct a patio in your home. It has a natural look and texture and will blend well with your home. Additionally, wood decking patio material is also affordable. The downside of using wood decking as a patio is that wood decking colour can fade over time. It will require painting or staining to maintain its look.

Apart from that, wood is also prone to termite damage. Termites can wreck your patio as years pass if you use wood. Wood decking is a good material, but it’s not as durable as concrete and other patio materials. A wooden patio requires adequate maintenance to make it last longer.  If you maintain it properly, a wood decking patio can last for several years.

Composite Decking as Patio Material

Another patio material option for wood and concrete is composite decking. Wood, concrete and plastic patio materials are beautiful, but composite decking is more beautiful. The composite decking board is aesthetically pleasing and will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the colour of composite decking is unlikely to fade like that of wood. So your composite patio will not require painting or staining to maintain its look.

In addition, composite boards are also durable. They’re more durable than wood and a good choice for making a patio. If you use a composite decking board to make a patio, the board will not crack, break or splinter. You can use a composite decking patio for years without replacing any of the parts.

Composites decking is also resistant to weather conditions; it will not swell with a temperature change. It will also not warp like timber decking. Using composite decking as a patio material will also require less maintenance on your part. Composite decking is easy to clean and maintain. The downside of it is that it is also more expensive than wood patio material.

Plastic Decking Material

Lastly, you can also use a plastic decking material to build a patio. The plastic decking board is similar to composite decking in that it is also resistant to rot and moisture. Besides that, plastic decking cannot splinter or break like wood decking. It is a strong material and can last for several years. Plastic decking is also easy to maintain. You can clean it easily if the surface of your patio is dirty.

The downside of using plastic decking material to build a patio is that it looks synthetic. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as composite decking. Also, plastic decking is more expensive than wood, concrete and composite patio material.


The best material to build a patio should be durable, not too expensive and aesthetically pleasing. Composite decking stands out as the best patio material. It is because composite boards are durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

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