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With the various decking types in the market, choosing the best decking material can be difficult. Homeowners who have not installed decking before might not find it easy to select the best decking. Some might be confused about whether to choose wood, composite or plastic decking. For us to know the best decking material to choose, we will discuss what to consider when choosing a decking.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Decking Material


To choose the best decking material for your garden decking, you should consider the material’s durability. The durable material will last longer, so consider selecting a durable material for your outdoor decking. Among the decking materials sold in the market, the most commonly used are timber, PVC, and composite decking material. These decking types are good for building a deck in your outdoor space.

 Choosing the best decking material from the three decking types is not difficult. Between wood, PVC, and composite material, wood is the least durable, followed by PVC and composite decking. For the durability of a material, composite decking is the best to choose. Composite decking can not break easily or splinter like wood. 


What is the best decking material

Another factor to consider when choosing the best material for your deck is lifespan. The lifespan is the number of years or how long the decking will last. If you don’t consider your decking lifespan before you make your purchase, you might end up buying a material that will not last long. 

Decking like wood doesn’t last long compared to composite and PVC decking since wood is more susceptible to damage. If you maintain your wood decking well, the wood can last for 10 to 15 years. Homeowners who want to use their deck for a lifetime might not see wood decking as the best option. 

When you consider the lifespan of PVC decking, although durable, the decking can last for 20 years; composite boards, on the other hand, can last for 25 to 30 years. Although composite decking lifespan also depends on the brand you purchase, some composite decking brands can last for 30 years and more while others can last for 25. Decking suppliers like Ultra Decking have quality composite decking with a prolonged lifespan of 30 years.


 The ideal decking should also be a type that is resistant to weather elements. Composite decking is weather-resistant since it doesn’t get affected by the weather conditions. When the weather is hot, the composite board will expand without getting damaged. It will also contract without warping when the weather is cool. Apart from that, composite boards are also resistant to water or moisture. Decking like wood isn’t weather resistant like composite decking.


Maintaining a material can cost you more than you think which is why it’s also worth considering when choosing the best decking. The best decking material should be a kind that you can maintain easily. Of all the deckings available, wood is the most difficult to maintain. Apart from being stressful to maintain, maintaining it will also cost you plenty of money. A wood decking would need annual sanding, staining, or painting. It will also require sealing of the woods. 

Plastic and composite decking, on the other hand, does require much maintenance, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Cleaning the decking is an easy way to maintain composite or plastic decking.

The Best Decking Material

If you want to know the decking to choose for your outdoor space should be a durable kind. In addition to being durable, consider its cost price. The best decking material should not be a kind that is too expensive. It should also be a type of decking that you can maintain easily without spending too much money. 

Wood, composite and plastic decking are the three common materials used for building a deck. While wood is cheaper among the decking type, it is more susceptible to damage which makes it less durable and difficult to maintain. Composite board, on the other hand, is more costly than timber but highly durable, which makes it last longer and is also easy to maintain. 

Plastic decking is also durable, like composite boards but very expensive. It’s both more expensive than timber and composite boards. In choosing the best decking, the composite board is the best to choose. It is a durable,  cost-effective decking with a prolonged lifespan and is also easy to maintain.


The best decking material is composite decking. Composite board is not too expensive and also durable. In addition to that, it lasts longer and is also easy to maintain.



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