What is the Most Affordable Composite Decking?

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Adding beautiful decking can bring comfort and add value to your home. However, it’s not exactly a cheap home improvement. You will need to consider your budget if you plan on building one. Materials alone will cost more than half of your spendings. But as homeowners, you also wouldn’t want to compromise quality over lower costs. For this reason, many choose composite decking, one of the most durable and long-lasting non-wood alternatives. But the question is, what is the most affordable composite decking board?

Choosing The Most Affordable Composite Decking

Many expenses come with adding decking to your home. Getting the materials for decking is the most expensive part. While there are cheaper materials, many homeowners choose composites. Why? Despite the higher cost, composite deckings can last longer, are low-maintenance, and offer superior durability than traditional wood decking.

It’s no secret that you have to spend more on composite decking than a wooden one. It’s all the more reason to find the most affordable composite decking you can find. But what is the cheapest composite decking you can build without sacrificing quality?

Choose Quality and Affordable Composite Decking

One of the many things homeowners consider is the brand. There are tons of composite manufacturers in the market. You may have a hard time selecting one. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of lower costs. For this reason, you will want to find a cheap yet quality composite supplier.

In the UK, many brands produce and sell composite decking materials. One of the best brands you can find is Ultra Decking. Ultra Decking is a well-established decking supplier in the UK that produces high-quality materials at very affordable prices. If you have decking boards that are stain, fade, and slip-resistant, you won’t regret getting them from Ultra Decking. You can also choose from a wide variety of natural and wood-like designs. And the best thing is, they got boards depending on your budget.

Naturally, higher-quality boards are more expensive. However, don’t hesitate to spend more on quality materials. Not only can you be sure of their quality, but they can also last longer. In the long run, you’ll spend less money by choosing nothing but the best. But the good news is, brands like Ultra Decking lets you build a deck for an affordable cost.

Plan Your Deck 

most affordable composite decking

As with any home improvement, proper planning goes a long way to save money when building a composite decking. What are the things that you should consider before adding a decking?

First, choose the right size for your home. Naturally, a big decking will cost you more money. But how can you decide how big your decking will be? There are a few factors that you can take into consideration. For instance, consider the purpose of adding one. Are you building decking for a small and personal area where you can relax? Or will you be using the space for an outdoor dining area and entertainment?

Another thing you can consider is what type of decking you will be building. Do you want a standard or fixed decking attached to your home’s exterior? Or perhaps you want a floating or ground level decking. A fixed decking will be more expensive to build than a floating decking. However, a floating decking requires more maintenance, as it’s closer to the ground.

Labour Fees and DIY

A big part of your expenses on composite decking will go to labour fees, taking up at least 20% of your total spendings. Because of this, you will want to take your time when choosing builders and contractors for the job. As with the materials, however, you will want to make sure not to compromise the quality of work for lower labour fees.

When hiring trades persons, they can either choose to charge a fixed fee or a per-day basis. The latter is more common for larger decking building projects. A medium-sized decking should only take 2 to 3 days, while a large decking can take at most a week to build. On average, you will have to spend around £300 to £500 on the labour fees.

Another way to save on labour fees is to do some or all the building by yourself. Naturally, you will need the right equipment and some knowledge of construction. A few helping hands will also be of great help, especially when transporting and installing the decking boards. And while it can be challenging at first, you can find guides on the internet to make it easier.

Start Building The Most Affordable Composite Decking Today

While adding a decking can be expensive, it’s all very much worth it. However, you don’t necessarily need to spend as much as you think. To build the most affordable composite deck, choose the right decking materials from brands like Ultra Decking. They offer the most affordable and high-quality boards. You will also need to plan your decking carefully. If possible, consider doing some or all of the work by yourself.


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