What Is a Rooftop Deck?

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If you don’t know what a rooftop deck is, this article will make you understand. The rooftop deck is the type of deck you install on the roof. Most people are familiar with a ground deck built with composite decking in their garden. But you can also build a deck on your roof. A deck on top of a building allows you to enjoy your landscape view better. Building a rooftop deck isn’t a bad idea if you have extra space on the top of your house. Keep reading as this article discusses more on the rooftop deck, its material and benefits.

Rooftop Decking

What Is a Rooftop Deck?

A rooftop deck is an outdoor decking space situated on the top of a large building. It is a type of deck you built on a flat roof. This type of deck can also be referred to as a floating deck since it’s not secure in place. Building a rooftop deck is easy; it is like you are installing the decking over concrete.

Before you start laying decking on your rooftop, ensure that the roof is strong enough to hold the weight of the decking. You should also review your local building code to see whether a rooftop deck is allowed in your locality. If your local building office grants you permission to build a deck on your roof, ensure you use the right decking material. Let us consider some of the decking materials you can use to build a rooftop deck.

Types of Decking Material You Can Install on Your Roof

Ultradecking have different decking materials for constructing roof decking. Wood, plastic and composite decking are examples of roof decking materials.

Wood Decking

Wood is a type of decking material you can use for your rooftop deck. It is a natural decking material with a good texture. Timber decking can have a lifespan of 15 years with proper maintenance.  But because it is not durable enough, using wood to build your roof deck isn’t the best idea.

Timbers are not water-resistant; they will swell and may eventually decay as the year passes. Also, wood is not resistant to termites, and they are susceptible to termite damage. The rooftop timber decking will require more maintenance as you will have to paint or stain the decking to make it beautiful.

Composite Decking

Apart from wood, you can build a rooftop deck with composite. Composite decking is a strong and durable material homeowners can use in building a roof deck. The material is easy to maintain as it is not susceptible to damage.

Composite decking is water-resistant and will not swell or rot. It is also resistant to termite damage. Apart from that, composite decking has a longer lifespan of 30 years and is also easy to maintain. If you use composite board material to make a decking on the top of your home, you will enjoy it.

Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is another decking material homeowners can use to build a rooftop deck. This type of decking material is also resistant to water and termites like composite decking. It is also easy to maintain and has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

 Benefits of a Rooftop Deck

Building decking on your roof has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you build a rooftop deck.

A composite roof deck, especially those with a view, can increase your home value. Homeowners who are looking to auction their homes can build a rooftop deck with composite boards. When potential buyers see a deck on your roof,  they will be more willing to buy your home. A rooftop deck will add value to your home when you compare it with a house without one. The roof deck will make your home stand out, making it a focal point for visitors.

Additionally, homeowners can also extend their interior living space to a deck on the top of their homes. The deck can serve as a lounge or an outdoor dining area. You can also enjoy an outstanding view of your landscape while relaxing on your deck.

Homeowners can also use the deck on their roof gardening. They can use the area to grow flowers and vegetables. Get a planter and use it to grow vegetables on your roof deck.


A rooftop deck is a type of deck that you can build on a flat roof. If you have extra space on your roof, you can build a deck with a composite board.


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