What Colours Does Composite Decking Come In?

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What Colours Does Composite Decking Come In?

Ultradecking composite decking comes in different colours that you can install in your outdoor space. Before purchasing a decking, you have to know which colour will be suitable for your outdoor area. To know what colour of composite decking to select, you have to know the various colours the decking comes in.

Types of Composite Decking Colour

What Colours Does Composite Decking Come In?

Composite boards are available in different colours. When purchasing decking, ensure that the supplier you are buying from has different decking colours. It will enable you to choose a colour that will be suitable for your outdoor space. Let’s see how various types of colour composite decking comes in.

Light Brown Composite Decking

Light brown composite boards are attractive. They are the most popular decking colour homeowners choose because of their versatility. Light brown composite decking will look great in your home, whether you want a traditional or contemporary design. It is a good decking colour that will suit any decking design in your outdoor space.

Besides that, a light brown composite decking will not absorb heat from the sun if you expose it outdoors. It is a suitable decking colour for homeowners living in hot regions.

Dark Brown Composite Decking 

Aside from light brown, there is also the dark brown composite decking colour. The dark brown decking colour is also similar to the light version. Homeowners who want a traditional decking look usually go for dark brown composite decking.

The dark brown composite board is visually appealing and will complement any garden decking design. One difference between the light brown and the dark brown composite board is that the darker colour absorbs heat from the sun. Hence, dark brown composite decking will not be suitable for use outdoors without a shade.

Light Grey Composite Decking

Composite decking board colours also come in light grey. Light grey composite boards are attractive like light brown decking, and they will create a focal point for your decking. It is also a beautiful colour that can add lightning to a shaded area in your garden.

Light grey colour composite decking will go with any garden design. The colour can also serve as a base for adding brightly coloured flowers and furniture to your decking. Light grey composite decking is suitable for use in both hot and cool weather.

Dark Grey Composite Decking 

Dark grey is also part of the colours of composite decking boards. It is similar to light grey but darker. The dark grey composite board looks incredibly beautiful and will add a sultry look and feel to your garden.

You can use the colour to create a contemporary decking design. Dark grey is a good option if you want to contrast your decking with lighter colours. The dark grey colour of the composite decking will create a consistent theme to make your outdoor space look modern. However, dark grey composite decking is more suitable in cool areas as the board can absorb heat when exposed to sunlight.

Silver Composite Decking

If you want a modern decking design, go for a silver decking. Silver decking is also part of the colour composite decking board that comes in. Homeowners can use silver decking to create a striking modern garden decking design. Silver decking will make your outdoor space appealing while keeping cool in hot weather. If you live in a hot or cool region, it is an ideal decking colour option.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Composite Decking Colour

When choosing colours for your composite decking, there are a few factors to consider.

 Consider the Colour Of Your House

Before choosing a colour for your decking, consider the colour of your house. Choose a decking colour that will complement your home and its surroundings. A small contrast between your decking colours and your home can increase your home’s curb appeal.


Your location also matters when choosing a colour for your composite decking. If you are staying in a hot region, a light coloured composite board will be suitable. Light brown or grey decking will help deflect the hot summer sun. The colour will help your composite deck stay cooler, keeping you more comfortable in summer.

Likewise, if you stay in a cool region, you don’t need to worry about your decking attracting heat. Choose a dark brown or grey composite decking for a warmer feel.


There are different colours of composite decking boards. Composite boards come in light and dark colours that you can choose from. Consider your home colour and location before choosing a particular decking colour.

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