What Can I Do With Leftover Composite Decking?

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Ultradecking composite board are the best materials you can use in decking buildings. The composite boards are durable and are less prone to damages. Their outstanding properties make them suitable for any project aside from deck building.  If you have leftover composite boards after building your deck, you don’t need to dispose of them. But, What exactly can you do with leftover composite decking?

Things You Can Do With Leftover Composite Decking


You can use the leftover composite decking in your home to make planters grow your flowers. Composite decking is the perfect material you can use due to its ability to resist rot. A composite planter would not get damaged when exposed to moisture or dampness.

The composite board is well sealed, and it’s free of chemicals that can damage the soil, flowers, or plants. You also don’t have to be concerned about termites damaging your plant box. Composite deckings are insects; your planter can stay outdoor for years without getting damaged.

Making planters with the wood-plastic leftover is easy; simply attach the boards with a screw in a square or rectangular shape. Build a beautiful planter with the remaining composite material and place it in your garden, deck, or balcony.

Side Table

Another way you can make use of the leftover decking is by using it to build a side table. With the remaining composite boards, you can create a side table in your outdoor living space. The table will blend with your decking since it is of the same material, thereby making your outdoor space look more attractive.


What Can I Do With Leftover Composite Decking?

Besides building a side table with the leftover composite decking, you can also use the leftover decking to make a bench. You can place the composite bench in your outdoor living space. The bench will complement the side table making your outdoor decking look more attractive. A bench is easy to make; with the bench on your deck, you can enjoy your day relaxing outside.

Building a bench using composite decking boards will make the bench last long; unlike lumber, the bench will not splinter or warp. If you use composite decking to make a bench, you won’t have to worry about spraying or refurbishing the bench yearly. The decking material comes in different colors that can make your bench look beautiful.


Aside from making a bench, you can also build a shelf with leftover composite decking. Composite boards come in beautiful colors that can make the shelf look attractive. You can make a shelf and use it to display anything you want.

Bird House

If you are an individual that loves watching birds, you can use the leftover composite decking to create a birdhouse. Building a birdhouse with composite material is a great way to bring the birds to your home. Since composite boards color can not fade, the birdhouse will last for a long period. Unlike a wooden birdhouse, a composite birdhouse will not rot or decay; neither can it get eaten by termites.  The birdhouse is also easy to maintain and will last for a long time.

Raised Garden Bed

Another way you can make use of the leftover composite deckings is by using them to make a raised garden bed. A raised composite garden bed is long-lasting, unlike a wooden garden bed. A raised garden bed made from composite will not rot or decay when exposed to moisture or dampness.

The composite decking material is also resistant to wood-eating insects like termites making the composite decking a superior material in making a deck. Besides, you won’t need to be worried about chemicals from the composite deck getting into your edible plants. Decking makers made composite boards with wood fibers and recycled plastic materials that are environmentally friendly.

You can use the leftover composite boards to build a raised garden bed and place it on your deck or porch. The composite raised garden bed will blend with your deck since it is made from the same material. It will also add glamour to your outdoor living space.


What you can do with leftover composite decking is numerous. You can use the leftover composite decking to make a bench, table, planter, birdhouse, shelve, and a raised garden bed.

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