What Are the Setbacks of Composite Decking?

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What Are the Setbacks of Composite Decking?

Composite decking has limited setbacks compared to wood decking. Homeowners are now replacing their wood decking for the Ultra Decking composite board because of the benefits composite material offers. The decking is durable, which makes it last longer. But despite the numerous benefits of composite decking, it still has its setbacks. What are the setbacks of composite decking?

The Setbacks of Composite Decking

The setbacks of composite decking are not as much as wood decking. Wood decking can rot, warp, break and absorb moisture. But composite decking is not like that. A wood-plastic board will not warp, break or rot. So, what are its setbacks?

Composite Decking Is Expensive Than Wood Decking

One of the setbacks of composite decking is that it is way more expensive than timber decking. Homeowners who are on a low budget might choose to purchase timber since it’s cheaper.

Depending on where you purchase your decking, a timber board can cost £15, which is lesser than a composite board. Decking suppliers like Ultradecking advertised their composite board for £25, which is way more expensive than wood. If you are to build a garden deck with composite decking, the amount you will spend to complete your project will be more compared to wood.

A good thing about composite decking setback in terms of cost is that it’s cost-effective. It’s a decking type that is worth its price. If you use plastic wood decking to build a deck in your garden, you will spend little on maintenance. It is way better than wood decking, that’s cheaper but requires a lot of money on maintenance. Despite its high cost, the composite board is still the best and preferable to wood decking.

The Board Absorbs Heat From Sun

Another setback of composite decking is that the board absorbs heat from the sun. If you install a composite board outdoors without building a shade over the deck, it will get hot.

However, not all decking boards will get hot if you Install them outdoors. Dark-coloured boards will absorb heat from the sun more than light boards. So, if you Install a dark brown or dark grey composite decking, the board will get hot in summer. When your decking board is hot, you will not be able to enjoy the use of your decking during the day.

If you already Install dark composite decking outdoors, you can prevent it from absorbing heat from the sun by erecting a shade over it.  Homeowners can build a pergola over their composite decking. Besides that, you can put up a large umbrella on your deck; it will prevent the decking from getting hot and shade you.

For homeowners who are still contemplating installing composite decking outdoors, choose a light coloured board. Light coloured composite decking like light brown, grey, and silver will not get hot in summer.

Composite Decking Surface Can Scratch

Composite decking can scratch if you drag an object on the surface of the decking. Your children’s toys and even your dog can scratch the board surface. If there are marks on the surface of composite decking; it can be a bit difficult to remove.

A composite board differs from wood in that you can sand the decking if there is a scratch on it. When using composite boards, you have to be careful so that your pets will not scratch the decking board. You should also avoid dragging objects on your decking.

Is Installing Composite Decking Worth It?

Despite composite decking setbacks, installing it is worth its price. The price of the composite board is worth it because composite decking requires little maintenance. Also, composite decking has a longer warranty when compared to wood decking. Homeowners now Install composite decking boards from Ultradecking since it has a longer lifespan warranty.

Also, the colour of the board does not fade like wood, so your composite decking will stay beautiful for years—no need to apply deck stains or paint on composite decking. In addition, composite decking can not decay or rot like wood which makes composite decking the best flooring material.


The setbacks of composite decking are not much like that of wood.  Composite board is more costly than wood decking, and it can also scratch if you drag objects on it. Apart from that, if you Install dark coloured boards outdoors, it will get hot in summer. It will make the decking uncomfortable for use unless you erect a shade over it.


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