What Are the Methods Of Installing Composite Decking?

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Composite decking installation

Composite decking installation is easy. There are different methods you can install a composite decking board on your own. The installation method also depends on the type of composite decking you purchase. Among the types of composite decking in Ultradecking are the grooved and ungrooved composite boards. What are they? What are the methods of installing composite decking?

Grooved and Ungrooved Composite Decking

You can easily identify grooved and ungrooved composite decking when you see one. The grooved composite decking is hollow by its sides. At the same time, the ungrooved composite decking does not have hollows by its sides like the grooved decking.

However, the method of installing both composite decking types differs. If you want to lay a grooved composite decking board, use hidden fasteners. To create a finished look, you can use hidden fasteners to attach grooved decking to the decking joist.

On the other hand, the ungrooved composite decking has a different method of installation. You can install it with the surface installation method since it doesn’t have hollow sides.

Different Methods of Installing Composite Decking?

The simplest way to install composite decking is to do it yourself. The different methods of installing composite decking are the hidden installation methods and the surface installation method. However, both methods have their benefits.

Ongoing installation of composite decking boards
Laying composite decking using the wood base

Hidden Installation Methods

The hidden installation methods are not visible on the board surface, just as the name implies. This method involves using clips and fasteners to hold the decking to the joist. So, the types of clips to use are the starter and the intermediate clips.

The clips and the fasteners you used in laying the decking will not appear on the top of the decking board. It is a result of the hollow sides of the decking board. The fasteners held the composite board to the joist in the hollow. So instead of you pinning the decking down right from the top, attach the fasteners to the hollow sides.

However, the method of installing your composite decking remains the same. To start, mark the location where you would like to build your deck. Then, clear the area to remove stones and grass. If the area is uneven, use a spade to create an even surface.

Once you have done that, proceed to build a frame for your decking. Your decking will be in the frame where you will lay your decking. Ensure you use treated wood to make your decking frame. The treated wood will reduce the chances for the decking frame to rot or be eaten by termites. After you have finished making the decking frame, you can start laying the deckings on it from the side of a wall or building.

Start attaching the composite deckings to the frame with starter clips in the hidden installation method. After using the starter clips for the first few boards, you can use the intermediate clips. The intermediate clip can hold down two boards together at the hollow sides. Layout the composite decking until you finish the entire decking.

Surface Installation Method

The surface installation method is suitable for the ungrooved composite decking. However, it is a bit similar to the hidden installation method. When laying your decking in the surface installation method, start laying it side by side. You can start from the side of the wall or building and use fasteners to pin the board to the joist.

The fasteners to use for the surface installation method are screws instead of clips. In this method, you will have to drive the screws from the top of the decking with a power drill. You can use the screws to hold the decking to the joist from the top since it doesn’t have hollow sides like the grooved decking. That way, the screw will be visible when you look at the decking. You can easily see it from the top of the decking.

If you want to make the screws less visible from the top of the decking, use a screw colour matching the composite decking. You can also paint the screws to the decking colour after you finish installing the deck. Cover the rough decking edges with trims once you have finished installing all the decking boards.


The different methods of installing composite decking are the hidden installation method and the surface installation method.


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