What are the Best Ways to Treat Timber Decking

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Timber Decking

Timber decking is a natural decking material you can use to make your outdoor area beautiful. Because it is not resistant to elements like Ultradecking composite boards, you need to treat your timber decking to prolong its lifespan. When treating timber decking, you need to do it correctly. Here are the best ways to treat timber decking.

Ways to Treat Timber Decking

The best way to treat timber decking is either by oiling it or applying stains on it.

Treating Timber Decking With Stains

Deck stains are a pigmented coating product that you can use to treat timber decking. Applying stains to your decking is one of the best ways to treat timber decking. The stains protect the wood from the elements. It also helps to maintain the appearance of the wood.

If you apply stains on your decking, the colour of the wood will not fade. The stains contain sunblock that prevents ultraviolet rays from fading the wood. But to maintain the look of the wood, you have to keep applying the stains annually.

Deck stains are of different types, and they come in different pigments that you can use to coat your timber decking. If you don’t want pigments, there are also transparent and semi-transparent types.

Additionally, stains also help treat timber decking against fungi growth, thereby decreasing the chance of rot. You can coat your timber decking with stains by using a paintbrush.

How to Stain Decking

Before applying the stains on your decking, you first need to clear the area. Clear the area by removing all furniture from the deck. If you place potted plants on your decking, remove the potted plants too. Once you’ve cleared your decking, clean it thoroughly to remove all traces of dust and dirt.

Once you’ve done that, start staining the deckings. If you’ve applied stains on the decking before, you need to strip off the old stain before reapplying for a new one. But, if you have not stained the decking before, you can apply the stains directly to the wood. Before applying, ensure that the decking is clean and dry.

Stir the stains with a stick to ensure that you mix the pigment thoroughly. You can now start applying the stains to the decking with a wide paintbrush. Paint the decking boards, ensuring that the stains get into the groove of the decking. After you’ve painted the whole decking, wait for a few hours before applying a second coat of stains over the first coat.

Treating Timber Decking With Oil

Another way you can treat your timber decking is by applying oil on the decking. Oils are good for treating wood; they penetrate deeply into the wood more than stains. The oil can prolong the lifespan of the wood by preventing splitting, cracking or warping of the timber decking. Apart from that, the oil also repels water. It prevents water from getting to your decking. The oil is also resistant to dirt. It is easy to maintain and will not attract dirt if you apply it to your timber decking.

Deck oils are transparent in colour. You can also use the oil to enhance the natural appearance of wood. It will keep your wood from fading when exposed to sunlight. You can apply oil to your wood decking with a paintbrush.

How to Oil Decking

First, before applying the oil to treat timber decking, you need to clean the decking. Clear all furniture away from the deck and remove any planter or potted plants from your decking. After that, clean the place to remove dust and dirt.

You can sweep it or use a hose to rinse the decking. If you have oiled the decking before, you will need to remove the old oil before applying a new one. The timber decking should be clean before oiling it. Clean the decking with soap and water. After you have cleaned the decking, allow it to dry.

Then you can start applying the oil to the decking. Ensure you don’t dilute the oil before applying it to your decking. Use a paintbrush to apply the oil over the decking thoroughly. After oiling the decking, wait for a few hours before adding another coat.


The best way to treat timber decking is by oiling it or applying stains. You should follow the guidelines in this write-up to apply oil or stain on your timber decking.


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