What Are The Advantages of Composite Decking

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Marketed as an alternative to wood in outdoor decking construction, composite decking is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the industry. Many people choose composites, not only as an alternative for wood but for its very own advantages as well.

If you’re considering building a deck, why would you want to choose composite decking? What are its advantages over the other decking options? Read on to find out. 

Advantages of Composite Decking

There are many advantages of composite decking. But to truly appreciate them, it’s best to compare them with other traditional decking options. For this, we will compare composites with other three common types of decking; softwood, hardwood, and PVC.


The first one of the list is the price. When it comes to the budget, expect a higher initial cost when building composites compared to the other decking options. But how this price becomes an advantage? 

Composite decking materials can range from £30-50 per square meter, for hardwood. Softwoods can cost you from anywhere between £8-10 per square meter. For hardwood, expect to pay £10-30 per square meter depending on the type of wood. And finally, PVC cost around the same price as composites.

What makes composite decking good? Even though it may seem expensive at first, they can last longer than any wooden decking. On average, softwood decking can only last for a maximum of 15 years. Meanwhile, hardwoods last for 25 years at most. As for composites, they can last for a minimum of 25 years. Some companies even assure that they can last for 50 years. 

Low Maintenance  

Advantages of Composite Decking

Another advantage of composite decking is maintenance. Aside from PVC, composites are easier to maintain. You don’t need to paint them or stain them like wooden decks require, which also adds to your yearly expenses. Instead, you’ll only need a soft-bristle brush and some mild soap solution, and you’re all set. Composite decking is also resistant to moulds and fungi, provided that you clear them of debris and dirt regularly. 

Age Well

Every type of decking fades all the time. That applies to composite decking as well. However, there’s a huge difference between woods and composites. 

Composites, specifically the capped ones, have a special layer that protects the materials from UV. With this coating, the fading of your deck will considerably slow down. Even if composite fades, the colour will only lighten. As for wooden decks, the patio will completely turn into grey when the colour fades. 

Ease of Maintenance

Another cool feature of composite decking is the ease of installing them. They are lighter than most wooden materials. They don’t need to be cut and sawed. You also don’t need to sand them like wood. As for the installation, you can use hidden fastening systems for a more sleek and clean look. Wood, on the other hand, often needs traditional fastening systems that leave out traces of screws and nails. 

Safe for Everyone

When choosing a material, one of the top priorities is safety. With regards to safety, there are many advantages of using composite decking. First, it does not splinter like wooden decking. It is more slippery than wood but less slippery than PVC. Some composite decking also has unique designs that reduce the slip, especially when wet. As previously mentioned, it’s also resistant to moulds and fungi, which can be a safety hazard. 

Beautiful Looks

If you love wooden decks but don’t like the disadvantages that it brings, composite patios are perfect for you. They retain the strength of hard plastic fibres while giving the feel and look of real wood.

With composites, you can also choose different shades, designs, and grains—no need to paint it like wood. You’ll get the colour and design that you want straight from the manufacturers. Please do note; however, they are not designed to be painted. So it’s best to think hard first about your preferred style before buying the materials.

Truly, composite decking is the best of both worlds. It’s as beautiful as wood and as durable and easy to maintain as PVC. It lasts long, and it’s safe for you and your family.

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