What Are Composite Decking Cleaning Accessories?

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What Are Composite Decking Cleaning Accessories?

Cleaning composite decking is necessary if you want it to stay beautiful and last longer. Mould, grease and hard water stains can distort the look of your decking if not removed. The good thing about Ultradecking composite boards is that they are easy to clean. If you want to clean your decking, what are the things needed? This article will specify composite decking cleaning accessories.

Why Your Composite Decking Needs Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, cleaning is crucial if you want your composite decking to stay beautiful for longer. Cleaning plastic wood decking has a lot of benefits. Regular cleaning will prevent a build-up of mould and moisture on its surface. Leaves left to remain on your decking for a long time can keep the surface moist. Regular cleaning of your decking will keep the deck surface dry, thereby preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Mould can spoil the look of your composite decking and make it slippery. A slippery decking surface can lead to accidents, falls and injuries. Hence, cleaning your composite decking is essential.

Cleaning your decking will also keep water off the surface. Dirt can block the gaps between your decking board, thereby hindering the easy drainage of water. While composite decking is more resistant to water than wood, it doesn’t indicate that they aren’t invulnerable to damage caused by standing water. Standing water can cause your deck to start slipping. It can even cause the growth of mould and algae. Regular cleaning of your deck will keep dirt from blocking the gaps allowing water to flow off easily.

Composite Deck Cleaning Accessories

What Are Composite Decking Cleaning Accessories?

To clean your composite decking, you will need some cleaning accessories. Wood-plastic decking accessories include tools such as a yard brush or broom for sweeping off dead leaves and a soft-bristle brush for scrubbing with hot soapy water. You will also need a plastic shovel to remove snow from your deck and a garden hose to easily clean surface dirt and debris.

Use a Broom to Clean Your Composite Decking

Brooms are effortless to use and perfect for sweeping away dead leaves and debris from your composite decking. This way, you will get rid of leaves, twigs, and dirt on your deck surface. Getting rid of dead leaves off your decking surface will prevent any chance of moisture build-up, which can lead to mould and algae growth.

Use a Brush to Clean Your Composite Decking

With a soft bristle brush, you can remove stains on your deck surface. A soft bristle brush is a good composite decking accessory to use for scrubbing together with liquid dishwasher soap and hot water if you notice any food or oil stains on the deck surface.

Besides that, the brush is also useful in removing mould and algae from your composite decking. After applying white vinegar to your decking, scrubbing the mildew with a brush will easily eliminate the mould. Additionally, homeowners can also use a bristle brush to scrub their decking if there are bird droppings on it. You first have to rinse the decking with water to soften the bird droppings before scrubbing it with a brush.

Plastic shovel as a cleaning accessory

Use a shovel with a plastic edge to prevent scratches and scoop any snow on your decking and prevent scratches.

Garden Hose

Finally, a garden hose is also part of composite decking cleaning accessories. You can use a garden hose to easily clean dirt and debris from your decking. A garden hose is easier to use and more gentle on composite decking than a pressure washer.


Composite decking cleaning accessories include brooms, brushes and shovels. Use any of these accessories to get rid of dirt and debris away from their deck surface. To make your plastic wood decking last longer, you should regularly clean the surface.

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