Ways You Can Make Decking Safe From Slipping

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deck in wet area

If your ultra decking has been slipping lately or you are struggling with slipping decking, this article is for you. Before tackling the slipping problem, it is important to know why your decking slips. What are some ways you can make decking safe from slipping?

Composite deck in wet area

 What Can Make Your Decking Slip

Before discussing how to make decking safe from slipping, you should know why your decking slips. Several factors can make a decking slippery.

Firstly, the decking can start slipping when you fail to clean the debris that falls on your decking. Debris like leaves can hold moisture on your decking. Since air can’t get beneath the debris to dry the moisture, it will make your decking slippery.

Additionally, moisture can also serve as a breeding ground for algae, mould and moss. These organisms grow fast in your decking in the presence of moisture. When this happens, your decking will start slipping. Also, this algae or mould can fill in the grains of your decking. When this happens, it reduces friction on the decking surface. And this can make your decking slippery.

Lastly, your decking can also start slipping in the winter period. In winter seasons, snow can pile up on your decking, making the decking slip.

How You Can Make Decking Safe From Slipping

Now that you have come to understand why your decking is slippery. Here are some ways you can make a decking safe from slipping.

Regularly Cleaning of the Decking

First, you can make your decking safe from slipping if you clean it regularly. Regularly cleaning the decking will prevent debris from piling up on your decking. And also, regular cleaning of the decking will prevent moisture from trapping under the debris. Additionally, cleaning the decking every day will keep mould and algae from growing on it. You can clean the decking regularly by sweeping it with a broom. Besides, you can also clean it by mopping or brushing it with soap and water.

Ensure Proper Drainage of the Decking

Another way you can make decking safe from slipping is by ensuring proper drainage. Ensure that the gaps between the decking drain water properly. It will keep mould and algae from growing on the decking. If water pools between the spaces, it can serve as a breeding ground for algae.

Aside from that, ensure that debris is not blocking the gaps between the deck. It will allow water to flow to the ground easily when it rains. If the gaps between the decking are blocked, use a knife or any other object to remove dirt or debris that might be filling up the gaps.

Remove Snow On the Decking

Clearing snow that piles up on your deck will prevent it from slipping. Decks are more susceptible to slipping during winter; you should not leave the snow on your decking. You can use a spade to discard the snow piled up on your decking. Clearing the snow from the decking will prevent ice from forming beneath the snow. It should be noted that salt should not be used on deckings. Avoid using salt; it will prevent your decking from premature damage.

Paint the Decking With Non-Slip Paint

Furthermore, to prevent your decking from slipping, paint the decking with non-slip paint. Painting the decking with non-slip paint will provide excellent friction to the decking. Whether your decking is wet or not, the anti-slip paint will prevent the decking from slipping. You can apply the paint to the decking with a brush or roller.

Additionally, you can also add sand to sealers or stains when coating your decking. The sand will create traction that will prevent the decking from slipping. Ensure you add the sand evenly to the stained area while it is still wet.

Use Anti-Slip Tape on the Decking

Lastly, Applying anti-slip tape on your decking is a quick and easy way to prevent slipping. You can do this by sticking the tape to the decking. Ensure the deck surface is clean and dry before applying the anti-slip tape.


You can make composite decking safe from slipping by cleaning it regularly. Besides that, remove snow from the deck surface. You can also apply anti-slip paint or tape on the decking.


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