Ways You Can Lay Decking Over Concrete

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You can lay ultra decking over concrete if you know how to. If you have old concrete that needs replacement, laying decking on it is the perfect way to mask its look. The decking will not only cover the cracks on the concrete but can transform your outdoor space into beautiful scenery.  The good thing about decking installation is that you don’t need to break down the concrete before laying decking on it. Composite decking is easy to lay on the concrete. Here are ways you can lay your decking on concrete.

How to Lay Decking Over Concrete

If you plan to lay decking over concrete by yourself, you have to get the decking boards and your tools ready. Choose whether you want to lay wooden decking over concrete or composite decking. You will need treated wood, screws, a handsaw, and a power drill. Once your decking board is ready, you can now follow the straightforward steps below.

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Installation of composite decking can take any form or use any base

Step One – Prepare Space

First, you have to prepare the area where you will lay the decking. Check the concrete to see if there is any part that water pulls up. If a segment needs repairing, fix it before you start to lay the decking board on the concrete. This will prevent the decking sleepers from absorbing water.

Step Two – Install the Decking Sleepers

Although some composite decking types don’t require sleepers to lay the decking on concrete, you can skip this step if you are using composite decking that doesn’t require the installation of sleepers. To install the sleepers, start by marking the area where you will place the sleepers.

Sleepers are structures that you will place and install the composite deckings on. You can use wooden sleepers to lay your composite decking on concrete. Aluminium sleepers are also a good alternative to wood sleepers. They can not absorb water or rot like wood.

After you have finished marking the area where you want to place the sleeper, you can install it. Screw the sleepers to the concrete so that they will stay in place. It is important to note that the sleepers should be at least one foot apart when installing your sleepers.

It is also essential to have small spacers between the sleeper and the concrete. The spacer will keep water from coming in contact with the sleepers. You can also add some beneath the sleepers to allow for easy water drainage. In addition, you can also place joist tape on the top of the sleepers to keep them from absorbing water. As soon as you finish installing the sleepers on the concrete, you can start laying the decking on the concrete.

Step Three – Lay the Decking on Concrete

Laying composite decking is very easy. Start laying the decking from the side of your house and take it outward. It is vital to note that you should leave a space of about 5 mm between the decking boards while installing the decking boards. There is also a space of about 15 mm between the decking and the wall.

The gap between the decking allows the board to expand and contract when there is a temperature change without causing any damage. Apart from that, it also allows water to drain easily on the decking. You can install the decking on the joist by using screws or hidden fasteners. If you’re using capped composite decking, you can use hidden fasteners to attach the composite decking to the joist. The hidden fasteners create a clean finish.

Step Five – Finished the Ends

You can now finish the decking ends when you have finished laying the composite decking on concrete. You can do that by using the picture framing method or adding fascia boards on the decking edges. You can also choose to finish the decking ends by painting them with a matching colour. Your decking is set now; you can start using it right away.


You can lay decking over concrete if you have an old concrete slab in your home. Start by installing a sleeper system before laying the decking board on the concrete.


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