Ways You Can Care for Your Composite Decking

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All decking types need the care to maintain their beautiful look. Ultradecking composite decking also should not be left out. Just because it is of high quality doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for it. Although composite decking does not require much care like wood decking that needs painting or staining annually. With just a few tips, you can care for your composite decking.

How to care for your composite deck

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a durable material that comprises both wood fibres and plastic. It has the appearance of wood but has a longer lifespan than wood. One benefit of composite decking over wood is that it does not require much maintenance like wood. But this does not imply that you should not care for your composite decking.

If you don’t care for your composite board, mould will grow on it. Apart from that, the composite decking will not look attractive. To maintain the look of your composite decking and prevent premature damages, you need to care for it. How can you care for composite decking?

 How to Care for Composite Decking

Avoid Standing Water

Composite decking is a water-resistant material. It does not mean it won’t absorb water if you submerge it in water. Composite decking can repel rainwater that falls on it. If you immersed composite decking inside water, the board would absorb water. To care for your composite decking, avoid installing the decking inside standing water.

Remove Dirt and Debris on Composite Decking

Removing dirt and debris is a perfect way to care for your composite decking. If you leave dirt and debris on the decking, it can trap moisture on the decking. It can also serve as an environment for mould growth. You should keep your composite decking clean by sweeping away the dirt and debris.

Avoid Scratches on the Decking

When there are scratches on your decking, it can distort the decking appearance. Scratches can also be difficult to fix on composite decking. Although composite decking is a quality material, it is still prone to scratches. To care for your composite decking, do not decking to scratch. Avoid using or placing objects with sharp edges on your composite decking.

Remove Ice From Composite Decking

When there is snow on the decking, it can cause the decking to start slipping. A slipping decking can cause you to fall or trip. To care for your composite decking, ensure you remove the ice on the decking. Do not use a shovel with a metal edge to remove ice on your decking. You can use a shovel with a plastic edge. Additionally, you can also use calcium chloride or magnesium chloride ice melt to remove ice on composite decking.

Clean Oil Stains 

Stains on composite decking can make the decking less attractive. Always clean stains on the decking. If left for a long time, oil or grease stains can be difficult to remove. You should remove oil or grease stains immediately on your composite decking. To get rid of stains on your decking, scrub the decking with soap to get rid of the stains.

Avoid Using Bleach 

To care for your composite decking, avoid using bleach to clean your decking. Chlorine bleach can make your decking look clean, but it can fade the colour of your composite decking.  If you want to clean your composite decking, use a mild composite decking cleaner. Ammonia-free liquid dishwashers, vinegar, and baking soda are examples of cleaners you can use on your composite decking.

 Unclog Gaps in Boards

The gaps between the composite decking allow for proper drainage of water. If the gaps are clogged, it can hinder the water flow of the decking. Dirt and debris can fill the gaps between the composite boards. To care for your composite decking, remove the dirt and debris in the spaces between the composite decking.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a perfect way to care for your composite decking. Sweep the decking regularly during autumn. You should also discard dirt and debris on it. Ensure to clean stains that fall on your composite decking. Remove ice on your composite decking to keep it from slipping.


If you care for your composite decking, it will help maintain its beautiful appearance. Avoid using bleach to clean composite decking. Additionally, you should also remove dirt and debris from the decking surface.


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