A deck can serve as an expansion of your living space. With a deck, you can do a lot of activities outdoors. Installing a composite decking can boost a property’s appearance as well as increase the property’s value. A house with a deck will look more inviting to home buyers than a house without one. Homebuyers will place much value on a house with a composite deck. There are different ways composite decks add value to a home.

 How Composite Deck Adds Value to a Home

Ways Composite Deck Adds Value to a Home

Building a composite deck in your home can add value to your property in so many ways. Let’s consider how a composite deck adds value to a home. 

Composite Deck Increases Home Appearance

Installing a composite deck in your outdoor space will make your home very appealing. It will make your home stand out from other homes. And when there’s a distinction between a house with a composite deck and that without one, the value of the house increases. Potential house buyers will be more attracted to a house with a composite deck. Apart from that, they will be willing to pay more for that kind of house.

It Widens the Square Footage of a Home

Secondly, a composite deck will expand the square footage of your home. With a composite deck in your home, you will have enough space outdoors. You can spend your leisure time relaxing outdoors on the deck. Apart from that, you can also place potted plants, chairs or even a grill for making barbecue on the deck. However, the size of the deck also matters. A large deck will create a large space outdoors. The extra space created with the deck will make a difference when looking forward to selling your home. When the square footage increases, it will also boost the property value of your home. 

Composite Deck is Easy to Maintain 

Lastly, composite decks are easy to maintain. The cost of maintaining a composite deck is lesser compared to other decking types. Potential home buyers will be willing to buy a house with a composite deck, knowing that it will only require little maintenance.

 If you have a composite deck in your home, you don’t need to keep painting or staining it like a wood deck. A house with a wood deck can be more costly to maintain than a house with a composite deck. Wood can decay over time. The deck can also crack and warp. But, the case is different with a composite deck; a composite deck can last for 25 years and above. 

Composite decking requires washing when there’s dirt, stain or debris on it. And even if there is ice on the composite deck, one can easily remove it with calcium chloride ice melt. The calcium chloride ice melt will not damage the composite deck like it would with a wood deck. 

Potential home buyers also know this; that’s why most of them will prefer paying more for a home with a composite deck. A home with a composite deck equals the little maintenance cost compared to a house with a wood deck. The composite will increase the property value of the house.

Will a Composite Deck Add Value to Your Home?

A composite deck will add value to your home. However, when choosing to use a composite deck to increase a home value, choose the right kind of composite decking. Depending on the manufacturer, some composite decking has more quality than others. Some composite decking has anti-slip and anti-scratch features. Besides that, some are also easier to maintain than others. To increase your property value, you should choose the right decking type for your home. 


There are different ways composite deck add value to a home. A composite deck can increase the square footage of the house and make the house visually appealing.  Homebuyers will be willing to pay more for a house with a composite deck.