Tips for Choosing the Best Composite Decking

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Tips for Choosing the Best Composite Decking

Since composite decking emerges as the best outdoor flooring material, many brands of the composite are now in the market for sale. Choosing the best composite decking for your garden can be quite tiresome if you know little about composite decking. When choosing the best composite decking for your outdoor flooring project, you need to know everything about it.  This write-up provides tips for choosing the best composite decking.

What Is Composite Decking?

Tips for Choosing the Best Composite Decking

The composite decking material is also known as plastic wood decking since it comprises wood and plastic material. It is not a natural flooring material like wood decking because it consists of plastic and wood, making it synthetic. Choosing the best composite decking for your outdoor space is a good choice. Ultra decking composite is environmentally friendly and considered safe. It is not a kind of decking material that poses a threat to the environment. Composite decking is durable, cost-effective, long-lasting and does not require too much maintenance. This is one reason homeowners prefer installing composite decking in their homes over other flooring materials. Knowing what a composite decking board is, let’s now proceed on how to choose the best wood-plastic decking.

Tips for Choosing Composite Decking

Consider Your Budget

The total amount of money you will want to spend on your outdoor flooring project is considered your budget. When choosing the best composite decking flooring material, the amount you budget matters.

There are some composite deckings with simple designs like uncapped composite decking. This kind of decking board is less expensive and suitable for homeowners who are on a low budget. Other decking designs like the capped are a little more expensive than the uncapped deckings. The capped decking will be suitable for you if you have enough money to expend on your deck project. If you are on a tight or low budget, choose a simple decking design that will suit your budget.

Additionally, the size of your deck will also determine your budget. Homeowners who have enough money to expend can choose any decking designs since they have a large budget. But if your budget for your composite decking flooring is not much, you can choose a simple or small decking.

Deck Type

There is a grooved and ungrooved type of composite decking. When choosing the best composite decking, you have to decide whether you want grooved or ungrooved decking. The grooved composite decking uses a hidden installation method. This will give you a clean finish with the clips hidden.

In contrast, the ungrooved composite decking uses the surface installation method. The surface installation method won’t create a clean finish look for your decking. If you want a decking with a clean finish, you can go for the grooved decking.

Choose the Best Texture

The good thing about composite decking is that it looks like it can be customised. There are some kinds of composite boards that look exactly like wood. This decking has a wood texture making it a good alternative for homeowners who love the look of natural wood.

So when selecting the best composite decking for your flooring projects, the texture also matters. If you are a wood lover, you can go for composite decking with a wood grain surface. However, this decking may be slightly more expensive than composite decking that does not have a wood texture.

Check the Environment

If you are staying in a wet region, using a smooth composite decking board for your outdoor space may not be a good option. This is because when the board gets wet, it can cause the composite decking to start slipping.

So when choosing the best composite decking for your outdoor space, you should always have your location in mind. If you live in a place with high rainfall, choose the best type of slip-resistant composite decking. A slip-resistant decking will prevent you from slipping or falling while walking on your deck, thereby increasing safety.

Consider the Temperature

High temperatures can also affect composite boards. A composite decking board will absorb heat from the sun when the temperature is at its peak. It will make the decking hot for you barefoot. So, if you are dwelling in hot regions where the temperature is usually high, it is good to choose the best composite decking material.

Dark composite decking boards are the ones that absorb the most heat from the sun. If you stay in a hot region, installing a dark composite decking in your outdoor space will be the wrong choice. It would be best to go for other available colours of composite decking like grey, brown, oak or silver.

These colours can reflect sunlight and won’t absorb heat from the sun like the dark-coloured composite decking. Always choose a light coloured composite decking if the weather in your area is always hot.


There are different tips for choosing the best composite decking. Consider your budget, decking type and texture. Apart from that, the environment and the colour of the composite decking also matters.

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