The Do’s and Don’t of Maintaining Composite Decking

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Ultradecking decking boards have a longer lifespan since they are durable. But this does not mean that it can not get damaged. Composite decking, if not properly maintained, can get damaged. When maintaining composite decking, there are certain things you need to do and also avoid doing. If you adhere to those things, your decking will last for decades. What are the do’s and don’t of maintaining composite decking?

The Do’s of Maintaining Composite Decking

The Do's and Don't of Maintaining Composite Decking

Clean Composite Decking Regularly

If you install composite decking in your home, regular cleaning of the decking is important. Cleaning your decking board will prevent dead leaves on your decking from causing mould growth.

Also, cleaning the decking to get rid of stains will keep the decking beautiful for years. Ensure you don’t leave grease stains, animal droppings, paint spills on your composite decking.

The Don’ts Of Maintaining Composite Decking

 Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Maintaining your composite decking is important but while doing so, avoid using harsh cleaners to clean your deck. Some deck cleaners contain ammonia and chlorine bleach; these chemicals are harsh and can damage composite decking. Avoid using such cleaners and use a mild soap like the dishwasher in your kitchen. You can also use natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda to clean your composite decking.

Avoid Using Metal Shovels on Composite Decking

In winter, snow can accumulate on your composite decking. To remove the snow, the first thing that may come to your mind is a shovel. Using a shovel to get rid of snow on your decking is not a good idea. The shovel can scrap the surface of the decking board, thereby damaging it. Avoid using a shovel unless the shovel has a plastic edge that will not scratch your decking.

Instead, use ice melt to dissolve the ice on your composite decking. When choosing ice-melt to use on your decking, you want to be careful not to use the ones that contain pigments. Some ice melt also contains grits to provide traction; avoid these kinds of ice melt as they can scratch your decking.

Don’t Use Pressure Washer Too Close to Deckings 

A Pressure washer can make cleaning your decking easier and faster. But you have to be cautious when using the machine. Avoid moving the machine’s tip too close to your composite decking as it can damage the decking board. When using a pressure washer in maintaining composite decking, it should not be greater than 12 inches above the deck surface. It will keep the tip from damaging your composite decking.

In addition, when using a pressure washer, do not apply too much pressure on the decking board. The PSI of the machine should not be above 1300. It will prevent the decking from damaging while cleaning.

Avoid Dragging Objects On Composite Decking

Dragging objects on your decking can scratch the surface of the board. If the surface of composite decking should scratch, it can be very difficult to fix it. You should avoid dragging furniture, potted plants, planters, children toys on composite decking. These will keep the decking surface scratch-free.

Don’t Break Ice On Your Composite Decking

Ice on your decking can make the surface slippery. To prevent your decking from slipping, you have to remove the ice on the deck. At first, breaking the ice to get rid of it might come to mind. It isn’t a good idea as breaking ice on composite decking can damage the surface of your decking.

Avoid Placing Hot Objects On Your Decking

Placing a hot object on decking can distort its appearance. To maintain your composite decking, avoid placing a hot object on its surface. Some homeowners place the grill on their deck and use it as an outdoor kitchen. Depending on the type of grill used, some of them can create a dent in where you place it. To keep that from happening, avoid placing the grill directly on your composite decking. Remember that composite decking differs from wood. It is made from plastic and wood; there will likely be a dent on your decking if you place a hot object on its surface.


The do’s and don’t of maintaining composite decking is simple. Homeowners should clean their decking regularly. They should also avoid using a metal shovel, hot objects and breaking ice composite decking.


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