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How to Make Your Decking Look New all Year Round

M. John

Installing ultra decking board can add beauty to your outdoor space. You will want your deck to stay beautiful always. But as years go by, the decking can start looking less attractive if you fail to maintain it. Maintaining the look of your decking is important if you want it to look new all year round. Homeowners who want their composite decking to look new all year round should read this article.

Ways to Make Your Decking Look New

Composite decking floor installed beside a small garden

Installing a composite decking board in your outdoor space can increase your property’s value. But if your deck looks old and rough, there is a low possibility of the deck adding value to your home. You will want to keep your deck looking new always. To achieve that, maintaining your composite decking is crucial. It will help the decking to stay new for decades. There are various ways homeowners can make their decking look new all year round. Here are some of the ways to do that.

Clean Food Scrap Immediately

Most homeowners use their decking as an outdoor eating area, especially in summer when the heat indoors can be unbearable. Whenever you have your meal on your deck, you don’t leave food scrap on the decking. Check around and clean away any food scrap that is on the decking.

Food particles on your deck can make your decking look less attractive. If you leave the food on your deck, it can even cause mould to grow on your deck. To prevent mould growth, keep your decking surface neat by removing any leftover food. The oil stains from the food can even stain the surface of your decking. Ensure you sweep any food particles on composite decking. If there are food stains on the deck, use soap and water to wash the stains away.

Don’t Use Sharp Objects on Your Decking

Sharp objects like a metal shovel, knives can scratch the surface of your decking. When the surface of your composite decking scratches, your deck won’t look new. To make your deck look new all year round, avoid using any object that can scratch your decking surface.

Do not use a metal shovel to scoop snow off your composite decking. Use a plastic shovel instead, or use a blower to remove snow on your decking.  Also, avoid dragging objects on your deck, as the object can create marks on the decking. Homeowners should take note of these if they want their deck to look new all year round.

 Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your composite decking will make the decking look new all year round. Homeowners should not allow dirt and debris to pile up on their deck surface. Remove leaves, sticks, and twigs on your deck to keep the surface from tanning.

Also, regular cleaning of your composite decking will prevent mould and mildew growth. Use a broom to sweep away leaves on your deck. Homeowners can also rinse their deck with a hose. It will make the decking stay throughout the year.

Keep Hot Objects Away From Decking

Homeowners should be careful so as not to place hot objects directly on their composite decking. When using your deck as a cooking area, ensure you don’t place the grill directly on the decking. Depending on the kind of grill used, some grills can get so hot that they will deform the surface of the composite board. Avoid putting grills or fire stands directly on your decking. You can place the grill on top of something instead of putting it directly on top of your composite decking.

Remove Stains From Decking

Stains on your decking can be difficult to remove if you don’t clean the stains immediately. Grease, mould, oil, cement, paint, and even pet urine can stain your composite decking. Homeowners who want to make their decking look new all year round should clean stains off their decking.

Decking stains are easy to clean with a brush and soapy water. Use the brush to scrub the stains away from your deck surface. Avoid using chlorine bleach to remove stains from composite as they can cause more harm than good. Homeowners can also use natural deck cleaners like baking soda or diluted vinegar to clean their decking.


How to make your composite decking look new all year round is easy. Ensure you clean the decking regularly, avoid placing hot objects on it, and don’t use sharp objects on your decking.

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