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What Is Material Best for Garden Flooring?

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With the varieties of decking materials in the market, you might be confused about which to choose. Decking suppliers like Ultradecking has different decking materials you can use to build a deck in your garden. Wood decking, PVC decking and composite decking are the various materials commonly used in building a deck. If you are new to deck building, choosing the best material might be difficult for you.  We will consider the various decking materials; then, we will discuss what material is the best for garden flooring.

Wood Decking For Garden Flooring


Wood is the oldest decking material used for garden decking. It is a natural decking material and not like composite or plastic decking that is synthetic. To know whether wood material is the best for garden flooring, consider its benefits and limitations. There are different types of wood you can use for garden decking. Softwood, hardwood and pressure-treated wood are good for making wood decking. Timber decking is also cheap compared to other decking materials. They also make a beautiful garden decking. 

However, as a natural decking material, timber has many downsides. Wood decking is susceptible to insect damage. Insects like termites can damage a wood decking. These insects attack the wood by eating it from the inside. 

What material is best for garden flooring

Apart from that, the timber decking material is not water or moisture resistant. When there is a change in climate conditions, the wood will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. When wood absorbs moisture, its moisture content increases, making the wood swell. If this happens for a long period, the wood will eventually rot or decay.

Also, wood is not that durable. It can crack or break if there is too much pressure on it. Timber can also warp and splinter. The colour of timber decking also fades if you expose it outdoors, so you will need to keep re-staining or repainting the wood.

Plastic Decking For Garden Flooring

Plastic decking is another decking material you can use for your garden decking. Before you conclude whether PVC material is the best decking for garden flooring, you need to know everything about it. PVC is a synthetic decking material because it’s made of 100% plastic. It contains a material called polyvinyl chloride. PVC decking is a durable decking material, more durable than wood decking. It is strong and does not crack or break like wood. 

Apart from that, plastic decking is also resistant to water or moisture. The board is unlikely to swell, neither can it rot or decay. PVC decking material is also resistant to insects. Insects can not eat plastic, so termites can not damage your deck if you use plastic decking. 

Plastic decking comes in varieties of colours and does not need painting or staining like timber. It also does not need sanding or sealing. Also, when you consider its lifespan, PVC decking can last for 20 years and more since it’s a durable material.

However, the downside of PVC is that the colour can fade over time if you expose it outdoors. Plastic decking also has a synthetic look and might not be the best option for homeowners who like wood texture. The decking material is also prone to scratches. Besides that, PVC decking material is expensive; it is the most expensive garden decking material. PVC material might not be the best for those who want to construct their garden flooring on a budget.

Composite Decking for Garden Decking

Composite or wood-plastic decking is a material you can use for your garden flooring. Wood-plastic decking is not a natural material since it contains both wood fibres and recycled plastics. Composite decking is not too expensive like PVC decking; it is a cost-effective material to use for your garden flooring. 

The material is durable like PVC decking, and it’s also resistant to weather conditions. The composite board can break like wood; it also cannot warp or splinter. Apart from that, the material is also resistant to insect attacks. So you don’t need to worry that termites will damage your garden decking. Composite decking is also water and moisture resistant. 

The board comes in different colours like PVC decking but is more beautiful than PVC. Composite decking is more beautiful than other decking materials. The surface of the material has the texture of wood grain, making it look like natural wood. If you are the kind that places much value on aesthetics, consider using composite for your garden flooring. Also, composite decking has a longer lifespan than PVC. The lifespan of composite is about 25 – 30 years, depending on the brand you purchase. Composite boards from decking suppliers like Ultradecking last longer.


The material that is best for your garden flooring should be a type that’s durable and lasts longer. Out of wood, plastic and composite decking, the composite decking material is the best for garden flooring.


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