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Will Composite Decking Get Hot In The Sun?

M. John

Have you considered purchasing ultradecking composite board but heard the board can get hot in the sun? Of course, composite decking can get hot if you install it outdoors without a shade over it. But not all composite decking gets hot. Whether your decking will get hot in the sun greatly depends on the colour of composite decking you install outdoors. In this article, we will consider why composite gets hot in the sun. 

Why Composite Gets Hot On Sun

The composite decking colour you install can affect how hot your decking will be in summer. Composite decking comes in different colours like red, light brown, dark brown, silver, chocolate, light grey, dark grey and black. Choosing the right decking colour is important, especially if you don’t plan to build a shade over your decking. What kind of colour is the best for outdoor decking?

If you want to build your composite decking without a shade over it, it’s best to use light colour decking. Light coloured decking like light grey, brown, silver will not get hot in the sun. Also, light coloured boards will reflect the sun, thereby keeping the decking surface cool.

Dark composite decking, on the other hand, will not reflect sunlight. The board tends to absorb heat from the sun, making the decking hot. The reason composite decking will get hot in the sun is if you use a dark board. 

How to Prevent Decking From Getting Hot

Will Composite Decking Get Hot In The Sun?

Choose Light-coloured Decking

To prevent your composite decking from getting hot in the sun, choose a light coloured board. If you stay where the sun is usually at its peak, choose light coloured composite boards for your outdoor decking. Light coloured boards like light grey and brown won’t absorb heat from the sun, thereby their surface cool.

But if you are staying in a place where the weather is cool with less sun, you can install dark boards outdoors. The boards will keep your feet warm while relaxing outdoors. 

Build a Shade over Your Decking

Another way you can prevent your composite decking from getting hot in the sun is by erecting a shade over it. Erecting a structure over your decking will serve as a barrier between the decking and the sun. The decking boards will not absorb heat from the sun since there is a shade above them. It will help the decking surface remain cool even in summer. 

So, if you have already installed dark composite boards in your garden, erect a shade over it to keep the decking from absorbing heat from the sun. By this, you will be able to enjoy the use of your decking even in summer. Homeowners can install a large umbrella as a shade for their decking. If you want something permanent, you can build a simple structure like a pergola above your composite decking.

Different Types of Composite Decking Colours

There are different composite decking colours, but we will discuss the major ones below. Getting familiar with the colours will help you make the right decision when installing your decking.


Black or charcoal composite decking tends to absorb heat from the sun, making the decking hot. This composite decking colour is suitable for homeowners living in a region with less sunlight. Dark coloured composite won’t be suitable for installing outdoors in an area with much sunlight.


Grey composite deckings come in light grey and dark grey. Homeowners can install light coloured boards outdoors without erecting a shade over them as the board doesn’t absorb heat. Light colour composite decking is suitable for installing in any region.

While the dark grey composite board is like the black composite decking, it will absorb heat from the sun and is unsuitable in sunny regions, except you build a shade over it.


Like grey, brown composite decking comes in dark and light colours. The light colour is good for use anywhere and will not get hot in the sun. While the dark brown composite board will get hot in the sun, making it suitable in areas with less sunlight. But if you plan to erect a structure over your decking, you can install any decking colour of your choice outdoors.


Composite decking will get hot in the sun if you use the dark coloured composite board. To prevent your decking from getting hot, erect a large umbrella over the decking. You can also install light coloured composite boards instead of the darker ones.


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