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Can I Build a Fence With Composite Decking

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 Composite decking remains the best material you can use in building a deck. The material is not only suitable for constructing a deck but also a fence. Materials like wood, barb wire, bamboo and even metal are common materials used in building a fence. But, in recent times, homeowners have started to build fences with composite decking. 

 Why Use Composite Decking For Fencing? 

Can I build a fence with composite decking?

Composite decking is a strong material that is made up of both wood and plastic material. It made the composite material stronger and more durable than other fencing materials like wood. Composite board is also resistant to the elements making it a good fencing material for your garden. 

It is also resistant to moisture and water, so your composite fence is not likely to rot or rust like wood and metal. Apart from that, composite material is also beautiful and comes in various colours, so you don’t have to paint the fence. With composite decking, your fence will remain beautiful for years with little maintenance.

Benefits of Using Composite Decking to Build Your Fence

Building a fence with composite decking has a lot of benefits. Knowing some of its benefits will make you see why you should use composite in place of other materials for your fencing. Let’s consider some of its benefits.

Composite Decking Is Resistant to Weather

Building a fence with composite decking is a good choice because the material is resistant to the weather. Fencing materials like wood and metal can rot or rust over time due to moisture. But a composite fence will not be affected by weather conditions. A composite fence will not get damaged due to moisture, heat or cold. The material is suitable for building a fence in your yard.

The Material is Beautiful

If you use a composite decking board to build a fence, it will make your house look more beautiful. A composite fence is visually pleasing compared to other fencing materials. The decking board comes in colours like grey, charcoal, brown that you can use for your fence. 

Also, the colour of the composite board will not fade, making the fence look beautiful for years. Other fencing materials like wood will fade over time if you use it to build your fence. But the composite board has ultraviolet ray protection on its outer layer, which prevents the sun from fading the colour. Homeowners knowing composite does not need painting since its colour does not fade, will use it for their fence.

Composite Decking has a Long Lifespan

Another reason why building your fence with composite is a good option is because it has a longer lifespan. Composite fences will last longer than other fencing materials. If you build a fence around your garden with composite boards, the fence can last for a lifetime. A reason for this is that composite decking is durable. The material is not the kind that is easily susceptible to damage. 

Composite boards will not crack, warp or splinter like wood. It is a kind of long-lasting material that you can use to build a fence. Depending on the wood species, the average lifespan of a wooden fence is 15 years with proper maintenance. But a composite fence will last longer. 

It Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners who want a fencing material that is easy to maintain should purchase composite decking from Ultradecking. If you build a fence with composite decking, there is no need to stain it like wood. Also, a composite fence does not need sanding and painting like wood. 

Wood fences will need painting or staining since wood fades on exposure to sunlight. Also, you will need to apply sealers on a wooden fence. But with composite fencing, you don’t need much maintenance. A composite fence needs little to no maintenance than other fencing material.

Composite Fence is Resistant to Termites

Termites can destroy a wood fence, thereby shortening its lifespan. But if you use composite decking to build a fence in your yard, termites will not damage the material. 

Composite board is made with a mixture of wood and plastic. It makes the composite board stronger than wood that termites cannot even penetrate the material. Homeowners should consider building their fences with composite material since it’s resistant to wood-eating insects like termites.


Homeowners can build their fences with composite decking. The composite fence is beautiful, resistant to the elements, and long-lasting. Apart from that, the fence is also easy to maintain.


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