Simple Ways to Maintain Your Garden Decking

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Installing decking is not the end; you have to maintain it. Maintaining it is the key if you want your garden decking to look good for as long as possible. Maintaining decking boards from Ultradecking is important, and it’s something you can do on your own. Whether your decking is made of timber, composite or plastic, you have to try to maintain its look. This write-up contains five ways homeowners can maintain their garden decking.

How To Maintain Your Garden Decking

Simple Ways to Maintain Your Garden Decking

As earlier stated, maintaining a deck is crucial if you want it to last long. Below are simple ways to maintain your garden decking.

Remove Dirt and Debris

One way to maintain a garden decking is by getting rid of dirt and debris on its surface. If dirt, leaves and twigs are left on top of your decking, it can cause mould to start growing on it. When mould grows on your decking, it will penetrate the wood material, causing damage. To keep that from happening, get rid of dirt and debris on your decking by using a broom to sweep them away. Aside from that, you can use a water hose to rinse your decking surface. Rinsing the surface will get rid of the dirt that is stuck on your decking. Ensure you check the gaps between the decking board to see if dirt is stuck between them. If there is dirt between the gaps, remove it. When the gaps are free, water will be able to flow easily on your decking surface.

Treat Your Wood Decking

Composite and plastic decking does not require treatment, but your wood decking will. Wood needs treatment to make it last longer. If you install wood decking in your garden, treat the decking with oil. The oil will penetrate the wood, thereby preventing fungi growth. Apart from that, treating your decking with oil will also prevent water from penetrating the wood. Also, termites will not damage the wood, thus prolonging its lifespan. Decking stains are also great for treating wood decking. The stains will make the decking look beautiful while prolonging its lifespan. Apply the oil or stain with a brush on your garden decking to maintain its looks.

Wash Your Decking To Remove Stains

Stains can distort the appearance of your decking. To maintain your garden decking, ensure you immediately get rid of the stains. It would help if you did not allow the stains to stay long on your composite decking. Animal droppings, paint spills, cement stains, and mould stains can make your decking look worse if you don’t clean them.

 Also, food stains, grease stains, and hard water stains can distort the beautiful appearance of your decking. Ensure you get rid of the stains by washing your decking surface with soapy water. You can also use vinegar and baking soda mixture to clean your decking surface. Pour the mixture on the stains and use a bristle brush to scrub them until they disappear gently. Then rinse the decking with clean water.

Seal the Decking

Homeowners can maintain their garden decking by applying sealers to it. Wood decking needs sealers to make it last longer. Sealing will prevent moisture from penetrating the decking material. If you install composite decking, you can also apply sealers to it. The sealers will maintain your decking look, making it last longer. You should seal your decking after cleaning or rinsing it.

Don’t Use Sharp Objects on Deckings.

Using sharp objects on your garden decking should be avoided if you want to maintain its beautiful appearance. The objects can create marks on your decking, making the surface look less attractive. Homeowners should avoid dragging objects on their decking – lift furniture rather than dragging them on your composite decking. 

In addition, avoid using metal shovels on your decking. Some homeowners use shovels to remove snow on their WPC decking surface. The shovel will scrap your composite decking if you are not careful, which can be very difficult to fix. Avoid metal shovels and use plastic shovels instead.


This write-up contains five simple ways homeowners can maintain their garden decking. Remove stains, dirt and debris from your decking surface. Also, treat and seal your decking.



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