Should I Choose Wood or Composite Decking?

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How Long Do Composite Decks Last

If you don’t know which to choose between wood or composite decking, this article is for you. Some homeowners value wood decking because it is natural and also because of its texture. While wood has a natural look, it does not mean you have to choose wood to build a deck. Composite decking, though not natural, is also a good decking option out of all the decking materials in Ultradecking. To choose between wood or composite decking, you need to know everything about them.

Wood Decking

Wood is a natural decking material and contains 100% wood. Although different kinds of wood are used in making decking, pressure-treated wood is one of the most commonly used wood in building decks. There’s also cedar and redwood, which are good materials you can use for your deck projects.

Pressure-treated wood is less expensive than cedar and redwood. However, they’re not like redwood that is naturally resistant to insects and rot. Pressure-treated planks are types of wood that have been treated with chemicals to improve the wood quality. These chemicals made the wood have a resistance to rot and also insects like termites.

Cedar and redwood are good options compared to pressure-treated planks. They are more expensive than pressure-treated timber but make good wood decking. If you want to choose wood instead of composite decking,  select a type that will last long. Let us now consider the features of the wood.


Wood is a good decking material. In terms of durability, wood is not that durable. A reason for this is that wood can break or crack and even splinter. Wood decking will crack due to wear and tear. To make a wood decking last longer, you should treat it with oil or stains. Applying oil or stains on wood will extend its lifespan. Wood decking can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.


Wood has no resistance to insects. It is prone to damage to insects like termites. Apart from that, when it comes to repelling moisture, wood is not resistant to water or moisture. It can absorb moisture from the environment and swell. And when this happens, if the wood absorbs moisture from the environment over a long time, the wood will decay.


Wood decking has a natural look and texture, but it does not have much aesthetic quality. The colour of the wood fades upon exposure to sunlight. Homeowners have to paint or stain timber to make it stay beautiful.


Wood decking is not easy to maintain. You need enough money to maintain it to make it last longer. Since wood is not water-resistant, you have to apply sealers to it. You will also need to keep repainting or staining your timber decking yearly as the colour fades rapidly.

Timber decking also needs treatment to prolong its lifespan. You will need to keep sanding the decking before treating it with oil or stains.

Composite Decking

Should I Choose Wood or Composite Decking?

Composite decking is another type of decking material in Ultradecking. It’s not natural like wood because it contains a mixture of both wood and plastic.  Composite decking has more aesthetic value than wood. It is available in different pigments that will not fade. It also has a wood texture making it suitable for those who like the look and feel of natural wood.


Composite decking is a durable material. It is more durable than wood and has a prolonged lifespan. Composite decking can last for up to 25 years and above with less maintenance. Composite decking is a strong flooring material that cannot crack and break like wood. You can use composite decking in your home for a long time without it splintering. It is a durable material that will not get damaged due to wear and tear.


Composite is highly resistant. It is resistant to weather conditions. Composite decking is a kind of flooring material that will not swell when humidity is high. Even during summer, when the temperature is hot, composite decking will not warp. The board can thrive in both hot and cool weather.

In addition, composite decking is also resistant to insect damage. Insects like termites can damage wood but cannot damage composite decking.


Wood-plastic decking is easy to maintain. If you choose composite decking to wood, you don’t have to paint or stain it. Composite decking requires cleaning with soapy water to remove stains and dirt.


Should I choose wood or composite decking? Composite decking is beautiful, durable and has a longer lifespan than wood decking. It is a good decking material you can choose from.

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