Seven Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

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Ultra decking installation is increasingly popular in homes. It makes your home look classy and beautiful. But, decking is not limited to homes alone; you can also install them in your garden. If you have a small garden in your home, there are various decking ideas you can utilise on your lawn. Here are seven small garden decking ideas on a budget.

Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

There are several garden decking ideas for your lawn. These decking ideas can make your garden look very appealing.  You can use any decking type for your lawn, but ensure you use a kind that will last long. Here are a few of the garden decking ideas on a budget that you can choose from.

Add a decking Area to a Garden Room.

Garden decking ideas on a budget

If you are looking for a decking idea for your garden, adding deckings to a garden room is excellent. Installing deckings in front of your garden room will make it look beautiful. It will also create an extra space to relax comfortably on your lawn. Besides, adding decking to the frontage can also expand your garden living space.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen With Raised Decking

Adding decking to an outdoor kitchen is another decking idea you can utilise. You can install a raised decking in your outdoor cooking area. Composite decking, plastic decking and wood decking are decking choices you can use. Adding decking to your outdoor kitchen will make it look attractive. Ensure you use a decking that you can clean easily.

Install an Attractive Decking Fencing

Additionally, you can install attractive decking fencing. You can use composite decking to build a fence for your garden. Fencing your garden can provide a form of privacy. Fencing is a good idea if you don’t want your neighbours peeking through your garden. Besides, building decking fencing is a good way to beautify your garden. Ensure you use a kind of decking that is resistant to the elements.

Build a Garden Bed

Furthermore, building a garden bed with decking is another decking idea you can utilise. You can use various decking types to make a garden bed on your lawn. Composite deckings are ideal for making garden beds. Also, you can build a raised garden bed with composite deckings to grow your plants. Composite decking can not rot or decay, making it an excellent choice for making garden beds.

Additionally, composite decking is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals. Also, it does not leach chemicals into the soil. You easily build a garden bed by attaching the deckings. Besides, you can customise the beds to the size and design of your choice. Building garden beds with deckings will create a focal point for visitors. You can also paint the decking any colour of your choice to make it blend with the rest of the garden.

Build a Shed in Your Garden

Building a shed is another decking idea for your lawn. You can build a shed to cover your decking from the elements. The shed can serve as a place for relaxation. You can also use the shed as an outdoor room where you can eat and drink. Besides, you can paint the shed to match the colour of your deck if you want to create consistency.

Install Garden Edging

You can also build a garden edging with deckings. Garden edging will keep grass away from your garden bed. Also, it will prevent mulch or soil from washing away when it rains. Composite decking is long-lasting; it will not rot or decay. You can use composite decking to make a garden edging.

Create a Decking Walkway

Finally, you can create a walkway with deckings in your garden. The decking pathway can also help to keep grass away. Composite deckings are a strong and durable material. They are also resistant to moisture. You can use composite decking to construct a pathway through your lawn.


Seven garden decking ideas on a budget are creating a walkway, a garden bed and edging. You can also use decking to create garden fencing, a garden shed and an outdoor kitchen.


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