Reasons You Should Install Composite Decking

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Installing decking is an excellent idea for your outdoor space. Suppose you are thinking of the type of decking board to install? Wood decking, composite and plastic decking are the various options to use. Most homeowners will select composite decking because of its unique features. What is composite decking? And what are the reasons you should install it?

Composite Decking

Reasons You Should Install Composite Decking

Composite decking is increasingly popular in homes as many homeowners now see reasons to install the decking board. Wood fibre and recycled plastic materials are used in making composite decking. These materials are eco-friendly, making the decking board safe for use in any environment. 

The wood and plastic materials are processed in a factory to form composite decking with a bonding agent. Since composite decking comes from wood and plastic, it is also referred to as wood-plastic decking.

 Wood-plastic decking is now the best decking option for homes. Besides being eco-friendly, it also has other unique features. It is beautiful, durable, cost-effective, long-lasting and resistant to weather elements. Let’s consider the reasons why you should install composite decking in your outdoor space.

Reasons You Should Install Composite Decking


One of the reasons you should install composite decking in your home is its aesthetics. Composite decking is a beautiful decking material with different colours. The surface of composite decking is like that of wood. WPC decking has the appearance and texture of wood, which makes the decking board look natural and beautiful. 

When you install composite decking in your home, it will enhance its appearance. Homeowners who want to remodel their home should consider installing plastic wood decking as it can make your house look more beautiful. Wood-plastic board colours also do not fade. The colours will remain beautiful for years, making your home look attractive.

Adds Value

Another reason you should install composite decking in your outdoor space is because it adds value. Composite decking is a material that will add value to your home. The material is durable and not prone to damage; it is not like wood that’s susceptible to damage.

 Wood-plastic decking will last for years; no wonder it is valued. So, if you install composite boards in your home, it will increase their value. Suppose you want to put your home up for sale; the board will increase your house resale value if composite decking is already installed. Knowing that composite decking will last for a lifetime, potential buyers will be happy to purchase a house with wood-plastic decking. 

Long Lifespan

The lifespan of composite decking is longer than other decking materials. It is why homeowners are now installing composite decking in their homes. Wood decking can last for 15 years if you maintain it well. It also depends on the type of wood you use. While plastic decking can last for about 20 years, composite decking lasts longer. The average lifespan of composite decking is 25 to 30 years. Deck suppliers like Ultradecking sell composite decking boards with a lifespan of 30 years. If you install WPC decking in your home, it will make your garden decking last longer.


Composite decking is worth installing because it is a cost-effective material. It is a decking board to purchase because it’s worth the money. However, wood-plastic decking is more expensive than timber and less expensive than plastic. Wood decking is cheaper but susceptible to damage. It can crack, break, warp, and absorb moisture. Aside from that, termites can damage the wood, and they can also rot. 

But composite decking is a cost-effective material that is worth your penny. It is durable and will not break or crack. Also, plastic wood decking is resistant to moisture, so it does not absorb water from the environment and swells like wood. The decking board is also resistant to termites and will not rot. All these features make composite decking a cost-effective material.

Easy Maintenance

Wood-plastic decking is also easy to maintain and does not require much money. It does not require painting, sealing, staining or sanding. Composite decking requires a broom or brush cleaning to remove dirt and debris. If there are stains on the decking, you can use soapy water to remove them.


There are lots of reasons homeowners should install composite decking in their houses. Composite decking is beautiful, easy to maintain, has a long lifespan, and adds value to your property.



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