Composite Decking 3mm Hidden Fasteners


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Ultra Decking hidden fasteners allow a polished and smooth finish, allowing the beauty of the wood grain or stylish pattern to take centre stage of your new composite decking area with no fixing or clips on display, providing a seamless finish.

Ultra Decking 3mm Hidden Fastenings creates a seamless finish.

  • 3mm gap between boards
  • Includes hidden secure screws
  • Reduce time to align and fit deck boarders
  • Hidden Fasteners allows for a quick and secure installation with a secure screw tool
  • Fastenings made from 100% recyclable Stainless Steel
  • Ultra Decking recommends ordering 1 box per 4m² of decking*
  • 1 Box has 100 3mm Composite Decking Clips For Price Displayed

3mm, also referred to as slim clips or hidden fasteners, are the most popular clips chosen with the grooved composite decking system. The reason for their popularity is the overall look in which is provided on the finished project. The 3mm clips enable you to leave a smaller gap side to side than the plastic clip or the 6mm clip, providing a more natural & modern look on the completed composite decking project. What isn’t mentioned by many fitters or manufacturers is the minor drawback of doing this. In our experience, two fundamental points must be paid close attention to upon installation & completion using this clip. They are:

  1. The clips enable a 3mm gap, but this does not mean it automatically leaves this gap. You will need to check this during the installation. This is so because of the composite decking boards’ expansion and contraction, which can leave slight curves and bends as you install, so please check the gap left as you go along.
  2. The second point is drainage and slope, as you’re meeting the boards closer side to side. Your slope must be increased, and you must regularly check a 3mm gap side to side to ensure that water drains from your deck freely and easily. Otherwise, this could create future issues with your composite decking over time.
  3. If you choose this clip and unfortunately have any problems with any boards in the middle of the deck, you risk lifting the whole deck to enable you to access boards in the middle or the end. So, installation and correct gaps must be paid every close attention.

Overall, this clip provides a better, more natural and more modern look. Still, close attention and checks must be completed upon installation and completion to ensure water drains correctly, and the correct gap is left throughout the process.



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