Is Plastic Decking Cheaper Than Wood Decking?

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Plastic decking, composite and wood decking are the three common decking materials you can purchase in Ultradecking. of these materials; wood is the oldest, followed by composite and plastic decking. These three decking materials also vary in price because of their quality. Wood is cheaper, making it the best decking material for homeowners on a budget. What of plastic, is plastic decking cheaper than wood decking?

Plastic vs Wood Decking Price

How Much Does a Plastic Decking Cost?

When it comes to pricing, plastic decking is more expensive than most wood decking. The price of wood decking varies depending on the type of wood used. Softwoods can cost about £5 per metre, while hardwood price varies between £10 – £15 per metre. For plastic or PVC decking, the average price is £10 per metre. 

In terms of price, PVC decking is more expensive. But does plastic decking have an advantage over wood decking?

Advantages of Plastic Decking

Plastic Decking is Durable

One of the advantages plastic decking has over wood decking is durability. PVC is durable than wood; the decking is stronger than wood and less likely to break. Wood decking can not withstand heavy foot traffic and will crack.

 Plastic decking, on the other hand, can withstand heavy foot traffic and will not crack. If you want to place furniture or any heavy object on your decking, consider installing PVC rather than wood. You can also have a garden party on your plastic decking since it can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

It Requires Less Maintenance

Another advantage of PVC is that it is easy to maintain. PVC decking does that need sanding, painting or sealing. Even though wood is cheaper than plastic board, the cost to maintain wood decking is high.

Wood needs sealing; it also requires sanding before you apply stains on it. But PVC decking only requires cleaning to remove dirt and debris from its surface. Homeowners can use water and soap to clean the surface of a plastic deck.

Plastic Decking Is Resistant to Moisture

Wood can absorb moisture or water easily, but PVC decking won’t. PVC decking is resistant to moisture. The plastic board can not swell like wood due to moisture absorption. If you are living in areas with much moisture, consider installing plastic decking to wood. The plastic board will not rot or decay like wood.

Long lifespan

The lifespan of plastic decking is worth its price. Even though plastic decking is not cheaper than wood decking, it has a longer lifespan. The lifespan of softwood decking is about 15 years with adequate maintenance. But plastic decking lifespan can extend to 25 years with less maintenance.

Disadvantages of Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is not cheaper than wood decking. The high cost of the plastic board is one of its disadvantages. Homeowners who want to build a deck on a budget may not be able to install plastic decking.

Another disadvantage of PVC is that the surface of the board looks synthetic. PVC is a synthetic material and does not have a wood texture since the board is made from 100% plastic.

Homeowners who prefer the texture of wood grain will rather go for wood decking rather than PVC decking. Also, plastic decking can become brittle if it’s exposed to sunlight for a long time. 

Which to Choose Between Plastic Decking and Wood Decking

Wood decking is cheaper and aesthetically pleasing than plastic decking. Just that wood has so many downsides, thereby making it more prone to damage. Also, wood does not have a longer lifespan than plastic, and it’s difficult to maintain.

If you want to go for wood decking, you should consider its lifespan and the amount you will spend to maintain the wood.

Plastic decking is a good material but might be too pricey for homeowners who are on a budget. The material has a synthetic look and might not be the best choice for homeowners who value aesthetics. Plastic decking is also durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

However, decking material like composite is not too expensive. It is aesthetically pleasing and has the look of natural wood. Also, the decking board is durable and long-lasting. When deciding on the decking material to choose, you consider the advantages and disadvantages.


Is plastic decking cheaper than wood decking? Plastic decking is not cheaper than wood decking, but it has more advantages than wood decking that makes it worth installing.



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