Is It Worth Building a Deck with Composite?

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Wood decking, plastic decking, and composite decking are the common types of decking material you can purchase in Ultra Decking. Of all these materials, homeowners purchase composite decking more. Composite is more expensive than timber decking and requires a lot of planks to build the decking frame. Despite these, homeowners still prefer installing composite boards in their homes. Is it worth building with composite decking?

Composite Decking

Is it Worth Building a Deck with composite decking?

Composite decking is also known as plastic wood decking or wood-plastic decking. It consists of a mixture of both wood fibres and recycled plastic material. Composite decking is now commonly used in homes, especially in the UK. Is it worth building a deck with composite decking? Homeowners are now replacing their timber decking with composite decking. Even though composite decking is more costly than wood, it is worth its price. Let’s see some of the reasons why it is worth building with composite decking.

Why Composite Decking Is Worth it

Building with a composite board has a lot of advantages. Every homeowner should start considering building a garden deck with wood-plastic decking. The decking is durable, long-lasting, beautiful, and moisture resistant. Here are some reasons why building a deck with composite decking is worth it.

Composite Decking Is Beautiful

It is worth building a deck with composite decking because the composite decking surface is beautiful. It also has more aesthetic value than wood and even plastic decking. The surface of the composite board has the texture of natural wood. It also has the appearance of wood, making it look so natural that you will mistake it for timber decking. The beautiful appearance of the composite board makes many homeowners install it on timber or PVC decking. If you want to increase your home aesthetics, composite decking is the best decking to choose.

 The Board Is Durable

Aside from its beautiful appearance, it is worth building a deck using composite decking since it’s more durable than wood. Plastic wood decking is a strong and durable flooring material. Despite being more expensive than timber, homeowners still prefer using composite decking. The decking contains both wood and plastic, which makes it more durable than wood.

Wood decking, on the other hand, is a natural material making it susceptible to damage. Wood is also not water-resistant and will absorb water or moisture. Apart from that, wood can not withstand heavy foot traffic. The board will crack or break. Timber decking can also warp and splinter. It can rot, and termites can even eat the wood. Composite decking is resistant to all of these, the decking board will not rot, or decay and termites cannot damage it.

The Decking Colour Can Not Fade

Also, the colour of wood-plastic decking can not fade. Ultradecking composite board colour will not fade like wood decking. Wood will lose its colour if you install it outdoors without a shade over it. Homeowners who have installed wood decking before can testify to this. To make a wood decking look great, one has to apply paint or stain the board. But composite decking has a UV protection coating on its outer layer that prevents its colour from fading. The colour will remain the same for several years without fading. Since its colour doesn’t fade, it is worth building a deck with composite decking.

Composite Is Easy to Clean

Cleaning composite decking is easy. With soapy water or diluted vinegar, you can make your decking spotless. The soapy water will remove stains from your deck easily when you scrub it with a brush. You don’t have to scrub and scrub composite decking like timber decking. Because composite is less stressful to clean, a lot of homeowners now prefer it to wood decking.

 Spend Less on Maintenance

It’s worth building a deck with composite decking because you will spend less on maintenance. Wood decking requires a lot more cash to maintain than composite. You will have to keep re-staining wood decking, sand it and even apply sealers on it. Also, there are possibilities of part replacement as termites can damage the board. All of these will cost you a lot of money. Most homeowners still prefer to purchase composite decking over the cheaper wood decking since wood is costlier to maintain.


It is worth building a deck with composite decking. The decking surface is beautiful, and the colour does not fade. Also, the board is also durable, and easy to clean and maintain.


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