Is Installing Composite Decking a Waste of Money?

M. John

Some might think that installing composite decking is a waste of money because there’s a cheaper option. But it isn’t so; installing Ultra Decking composite board is not a waste of money. Although wood decking is cheaper than composite, most homeowners still choose to install plastic wood decking. There must be a reason why homeowners still prefer WPC decking instead of cheaper timber decking. We will examine the reasons to help you know whether installing composite decking is a waste of money.

 Reasons Why Composite Decking Is Not a Waste of Money

Is installing composite decking a waste of money

There are many reasons why building composite decking is not a waste of cash. Considering these reasons will help change your mindset.


Installing plastic wood boards is not a waste of funds because the decking is more durable than timber decking. Composite board is stronger than wood decking since it’s made of lumber and plastic. The combination of wood and plastic made composite a stronger decking than timber.

Plastic wood decking is resistant to crack and will not break if a lot of people stand on it. It can bear heavier foot traffic than wood decking. Building a decking with composite in your home is not a waste of cash because it is better resistant to damage.


Another reason why installing composite decking is not a waste of money is that it is cost-effective. Plastic wood decking is a material that is worth the price. The decking material is more durable than timber and also lasts longer. Besides, it is also not difficult to maintain, and its maintenance does not cost much like wood decking. Composite is the best flooring material to purchase.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining wood decking is expensive compared to composite decking. Homeowners with the wood deck will surely know how stressful and expensive it is to care for it. Composite decking is easy to clean and won’t cost you more money. If there is a stain on the WPC decking, you can clean it up with the dish soap in your kitchen.

Cleaning a composite board is not stressful as wood. This is because you have to scrub it several times before you can successfully get a stain off it. Not only that, but wood decking also needs staining or painting. You will have to sand the decking before staining and also sealing it.

All these will cost you a lot of money as you have to keep staining the wood to make it beautiful. Considering how expensive it costs to maintain timber will make you see that installing composite decking is not a waste of cash.


Composite decking has more aesthetic value than wood decking. It is a good reason why installing it in your home is not a waste of money. If you look at the surface of composite and wood, you will see that composite decking is more beautiful.

Timber decking fades over time and won’t look beautiful unless you paint it or apply decking stain. But composite decking is customizable; it can be made to look like wood decking.  The board also comes in different colours that you don’t need to paint. Also, the colour of composite decking does not fade like timber. It can remain for several years and still look beautiful.

Adds Value

Installing composite boards is not a waste of money, since it adds more value to a property than timber decking. If you want to upgrade your home or make it luxurious, install a WPC board.

Considering its aesthetics, durability and prolonged lifespan, a potential buyer usually values composite decking more than wood. Homeowners who want a high return on investment should consider installing wood-plastic composite decking.


The long lifespan of the composite boards is also why installing the material is not a waste of money. Due to its durability, a composite board can last for up to 30 years. The board will still look beautiful and you won’t need to replace it.

Wood decking’s average lifespan is 10 years with proper maintenance of the decking board. The decking is cheaper, but won’t last as long as composite decking. Homeowners who value quality will rather purchase composite decking that will last longer than wood. Installing WPC decking in your garden isn’t a waste of money.


Installing composite decking in your outdoor space is not a waste of money. This decking is easy to maintain, making you spend less on maintenance than wood. It is also durable and has a longer lifespan.


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