Is composite decking worth the cost?

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Most of the things that we buy for our home goes through a thorough decision-making process to ensure we get the best value for our money. The same process is adopted when we are choosing the best decking for our home. Since composite decking has been gaining popularity in recent years it makes a great option instead of wood decking. What most want to know is composite decking worth the cost? The answer is, yes.

Here are the reasons why.

    • It has a long-life spanThe average life span of composite decking ranges from 25 to 30 years, some even claim that it can last a lifetime. Imagine buying something that will last that long and give the assurance that it is worth the cost. Compared to buying wood decking which will last around 10 to 15 years, assuming regular maintenance and treatment to protect the wood decking from mother nature’s elements.
    • The initial cost might be high, but it is worth itHomeowners are having second thoughts knowing that the initial cost of composite decking is more expensive than that of the traditional wood decking. However, if you look at the long term, especially five to ten years from now, there will be less cost if you opt to choose composite decking because there will be less cost due to the high cost of maintaining a wooden deck over this time.
    • The cost of maintenance is lowKnowing the long-term maintenance costs are considerably lower with composite decking and is worry free will encourage more homeowners to purchase it. The initial upfront cost of purchasing composite decking is higher, the long-term maintenance costs are negligible, therefore saving you both a lot of time and money. Composite Decking does not require yearly sanding or staining unlike wooden decking. Homeowners love the idea of little or no maintenance with composite Decking.
    • Low cost for care and repairComposite Decking is resistant to insect infestation, rodents and bacteria and will not rot. Composite Decking is also resistant to scratching and it does not splinter, warp or sag. There is no reason to change your composite decking as spills from oil, grease, drinks or other substances are easily cleaned with hot soapy water and a soft brush, that’s it.
    • The colour also lasts longThere are various colours and style to choose from when you opt for composite decking. Its colour usually lasts long and will still be vibrant even after many years. Just be more cautious and choose the right colour, light or dark depending on where you will place your composite decking to give you the best experience and a long-lasting service life.

      Aesthetic value

      Many homeowners would rather go for wooden decking mainly because of the elegant design of natural wood. However, composite decking has continually undergone improvements to its design over the last 20 years with numerous styles, patterns and designs brought to market. Indeed, some high-end composite decking designs are aesthetically beautiful and indistinguishable from natural wood.

    • It is easier to installOn average composite decking is generally lighter than wood decking. With that, it is easier to work with composite decking saving more money on labour costs.
    • It is weather-resistantHigh grade composite decking is resistant to the harshest of weather conditions from sub-zero temperatures to blistering heat from the sun. In the long run, composite decking offers the best value for your money.

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Given all the reasons above we can definitely say that composite decking is worth the cost. From its long-life span to its aesthetic characteristics, to its minimal maintenance, composite decking is really the best choice. Notwithstanding that most of the materials used in composite decking are recycled materials (a combination of plastics and wood fibres) making it green and eco-friendly helping to save the environment. A good enough reason on its own to opt for composite decking.

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