Before examining whether composite decking is cheaper than concrete paving, it is important to understand each of them. Building a composite decking or concrete paving in your home is an excellent way to use your outdoor space. A deck or concrete paving can serve as a spot where you can entertain your family and friends. While a deck and paving can be a good addition to your home, you have to know things about them before installing them. 

You should know the cost to purchase composite decking and the cost of installation versus the cost of concrete paving. Knowing this will help you choose a kind that will suit your budget. Composite decking is more expensive to build than other decking types, including wood decks. But, what of concrete paving? Is composite decking cheaper than concrete paving?

What is a Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a decking material you can use in building a deck for your outdoor space. You can use composite decking to build a deck in your home or garden. The deck can be a raised deck or a ground-level deck. A raised composite deck is suitable if your outdoor space is rough or uneven. At the same time, a ground-level composite deck is ideal for a flat or leveled area.

You can also refer to composite decking as wood-plastic decking or WPC.  It is visually appealing and comes in different colors. In addition, composite decking has the look of natural lumber and does not need painting or staining. Building a composite deck can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. 

Wood-plastic decking can be quite expensive than concrete paving. But when you consider the advantages of composite decking, you will know that the cost is worth it. Wood-plastic decking is highly durable and resistant to the elements.  It does not absorb water or moisture, nor can it crack. Composite decking is a good material homeowners can use in their homes or garden. It can last for 25 years and more and still look very appealing.

Additionally, composite decking requires less maintenance. Maintaining composite decking is very easy, unlike wood decking that requires a lot of maintenance. Apart from that, wood-plastic composite is very durable, so that it can last for decades. Composite decking requires cleaning when there is dirt or stain on it. With soap, water and a bristle brush, you can keep your deck sparkling clean.

What is Concrete Paving?

Is Composite Decking Cheaper than Concrete Paving?

Pavings are hard flooring materials that you can make with stones, bricks, or concrete. Concrete paving is a surface made of concrete. Additionally, concrete pavers are also known as paving stones. The paver maker creates concrete pavers by pouring a concrete mixture into a mold. It is then allowed to be set before use.

 A concrete paver is a popular outdoor flooring option if you don’t want to install decking. Concrete paving is not expensive like composite decking; it is a good choice if you want a cheaper flooring option. Pavings come in different patterns and sizes to suit your needs.

 Apart from that, it also comes in varieties of colors. Installing concrete paving is easy, but it requires the preparation of your outdoor space. It is not like composite decking that you can install on both a leveled and rough surface. Concrete paving is suitable for a flat surface area. You can install a concrete paver on your walkway, driveway, or patio.

Is Composite Decking Cheaper than Concrete Paving?

If you want to know which is cheaper between composite decking and concrete paving, you need to consider the cost and installation. Comparing the cost of the material and installation will help you determine which is cheaper between composite decking and concrete paving. 

Simply put, when it comes to cost, concrete paving is generally cheaper than composite decking. Additionally, when it comes to the installation of composite decking and concrete paving, the cost to install wood-plastic decking is usually higher. For instance, if composite decking costs £30 to $40 per square foot, including the cost of installation, concrete paving may cost $10 to $20 per square foot on average.

If you plan to sell your property in the future, it can be a good idea to consider the Return Of Investment for a composite deck to concrete paving. Composite decking has a higher ROI when compared to concrete paving. Even though it’s more expensive than concrete paving, composite is worth it. It is easy to maintain and has a higher ROI than concrete paving.


To determine whether composite decking is cheaper than concrete paving, you must consider the cost and installation. Composite decking is not cheaper than concrete paving.