Is the Composite Decking Board Strong?

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Is the composite decking board strong? Ultradecking composite boards have been attaining popularity in recent times as homeowners now choose them for wood decking. If you are not used to composite decking, you must have doubted if it is a strong flooring material. To satisfy your doubts, you need to understand what composite wood decking is. You will now see why composite decking is a strong material.

What Is Composite Decking?

Is the Composite Decking Board Strong?

Composite decking is a strong flooring material you can use outdoors. Using wood decking to floor your home is a good alternative. Although composite decking is a synthetic material, it also has the look of wood. It contains both plastic and wood material to form a composite decking board. Composite decking has the strength of wood and also the waterproof quality of plastic. The combination of these two materials to become composite decking made it superior to wood.

Additionally, composite decking is strong and also resistant to water and moisture. Wood has strength, but it’s not as resistant as composite decking since it does not contain plastic material. Composite decking is also preferable to plastic decking. Plastic decking contains plastic only; it’s not a composite board that has wood in it. The plastic flooring material does not have the strength of wood, and it also can not be customised to look like wood.

Is Composite Decking a Strong Flooring Material?

Having an understanding of what a composite board is, let’s now answer whether composite decking is strong. Composite decking is a strong and durable outdoor flooring material. It is a composite material making it stronger and more durable than traditional flooring material. The composite board will also last longer because it is durable and resistant to the elements. It is a strong flooring material you can use in your outdoor space. Having this in mind, let’s examine the properties of composite decking that made it a strong material.

Properties of Composite Decking Board

Here are the properties of composite decking that made it a strong flooring material.


The durability of composite decking is something homeowners cherish. Composite board is a durable material that is perfect for making a deck. The durability of the decking will make it last longer. Composite decking is more durable than timber, thereby making it a strong flooring material. It is durable because it can not break or crack if you put pressure on it.

As a durable decking material, composite decking tends to last longer. If you use composite decking material to build a deck in your garden, the deck will last for a long time. The lifespan of a composite decking board can extend to 30 years and above. It is not so with other flooring materials like wood and plastic decking. Their lifespan is within the range of 10 to 20 years. Composite decking is a strong and durable outdoor flooring material that will not get damaged due to weather conditions.  It can thrive in different weather conditions due to its durability. In short, the durability of composite decking makes it a strong material.

 Resistant to Elements

Outdoor flooring materials are more prone to weather damage than other flooring materials. Heat, ice, snow, and rain are among the weather elements that can damage an outdoor flooring material. Flooring materials like composite decking are resistant to weather elements.

Composite decking boards are more resistant to weather conditions than wood or plastic decking. If you use composite decking for flooring your outdoor area, heat, snow, ice, or rain can not damage the composite decking material. Composite decking is strong and will resist the elements. It will not swell or rot like a wood flooring material. Wood-plastic decking will also not warp, crack, break or splinter due to climate change.

Resistant to Insects

Composite decking is considered a strong material due to its high resistance to insects like termites. Termites are insects that damage the wood. Even if you treat wood with chemicals, the chemicals could wear over time, making the wood susceptible to termite damage.  Composite decking is a strong material that termites cannot damage. This is why homeowners choose to use composite decking in the garden.


Composite decking boards are a strong material you can use in your home. It is more durable, stronger, and also resistant to weather elements. In addition, because composite decking is a strong material, termites can not damage it.

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