Is Composite Decking Biodegradable?

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Ultra decking is a flooring material you can use in making decks. It is the best type of decking materials homeowners prefer in flooring their outdoor space. Composite decking has many benefits that make it preferable to other decking materials like wood decking and PVC. You might have wondered if composite decking is biodegradable. This article will answer the question, “is composite decking biodegradable?”.

 What You Should Know About Composite Decking


Composite decking is a flooring material made from wood fibre and plastic. The plastic material the makers used in making composite decking have been recycled before using them for composite decking. However, the recycled plastic material and the wood fibre or wood dust are what make composite decking. Composite decking is a highly durable decking material. It is more durable than wood and plastic decking.

Furthermore, during production of composite decking, the manufacturers combine the wood fibres and the recycled plastic with a binding agent. The mixture is then heated and allow to cool. Therefore, the mixture of wood fibre and the plastic material is what makes composite decking the best material for making decks. Wood has strength, while plastic is waterproof. The combination of the two materials makes composite decking a very strong material.

Composite Decking Types 

Capped Composite Decking

A capped composite decking is a decking material that has a plastic coating on the outer part. The outer part of the capped composite decking is coated with a plastic material that makes the decking waterproof. A capped composite decking can repel water or moisture. The plastic coat gives it the water-resistant ability. Capped composite decking can thrive in a wet environment without getting damaged by water. In Addition, capped composite decking can not fade. The plastic coating on the outside of the decking prevents sunlight from fading the material.

Uncapped Composite Decking

The uncapped composite decking, on the other hand is different from the capped decking. Unlike the capped decking, the uncapped composite decking does not have a plastic coat on its exterior part. Additionally, the uncapped decking is good for use in areas that are not prone to wetness. Both the capped and the uncapped composite decking are long-lasting materials. They are strong decking material that is not biodegradable.

Is Composite Decking Biodegradable?

Is composite decking biodegradable? To know the response to the question, let’s see what biodegradable means. Biodegradable means the breakdown of material or substance by living organisms like bacteria. The breakdown of such materials prevents pollution. A biodegradable material is a type of material like wood and faeces that can be broken down or decomposed. This material breaks down into natural elements, water vapour, carbon dioxide and organic material.

Is composite decking a biodegradable material? Composite decking is a highly durable material that can last for several decades. Composite decking is so strong that it can stay permanent for as long as possible. When we are talking about biodegradable material, composite decking is not included. Composite is not biodegradable. It is not like wood that can decompose over time. Composite is a strong material that bacteria and fungi can not break down. Therefore, composite decking is not a biodegradable building material.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Now that composite decking is not biodegradable, here are few benefits of composite decking that make it the best decking type.

Composite Decking is Eco-Friendly

Composite decking is eco-friendly. The makers create it with environmentally friendly materials. Composite decking is safe for use. It can not cause harm to man, and it’s the environment. Homeowners can use composite decking to make their decking, knowing that it is eco-friendly. Apart from deck making, you can also use the leftover composite to build other things.

Composite Decking is Free of Toxic Chemicals

Another benefit of composite decking are that it is free from toxic chemicals. Composite decking does not contain chemicals that can be harmful to man. The wood fibres and recycled plastic materials are safe materials that can not cause harm.


Is composite decking biodegradable? The response to the question is No. composite decking is a highly durable material. Additionally, living organisms like bacteria and fungi can not break it down. Apart from being non biodegradable, composite decking is eco-friendly and free from toxic chemicals.

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