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Composite Decking Hidden Fasteners

Traditional decking installation use to always use drilled in screws to your deck to fasten decking board and materials to the joists below.

Hidden fasteners on grooved decking boards eliminates this and providers a more polished finish in which wood grain patterns can take center stage on your design.

Hidden fasteners have many advantages in why they should be used, and we listed 3 key points below to help you make the right choose and why Ultra decking have chosen to only supply hidden fasteners.


The first and most important thing is safety. Temperature changes can cause decking board to expand and contract. We have safety features to combat this issue. Composite decking can be sensitive to these temperature changes this is why Ultra Decking use hallow decking boards and hidden fasteners to allow room for movement in the deck board expansion and contraction ensuring no nails will be exposed over time, giving you peace of mind when child, pets or customers are using your deck area.


As hidden fasteners aren’t drilled into the deck board’s surface they minimise water penetration, stopping possible future issue with mould or mildew.


Last but certainly not least is the look, smooth finish and polished look in which hidden fasteners provide, as their no visible screws the natural beauty of wood grain patterns or tailored patterns you picked can truly take the Centre stage.