Shield Technology

Ultra-Shield Technology is the complete 360 degree shielded protection for our Signature range of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking boards. Signature composite decking boards resist UV fading, staining, mould and mildew to offer a longer life span of 25 years and beyond. The new surface texture with its natural wood grain finish (link to signature previous Signature) must simply be viewed to see its true beauty and natural appearance. The new Signature range has been described by customers as fabulous indoor flooring with all the benefits of outdoor protection.

Ultra-Shield Technology, also known as second-generation composite decking, was introduced to solve the issues of the first-generation composite decking being experienced in the early to mid-90s. These main issues were fading, staining, mould spots, mildew, cracking, wrapping and even crumbling. These were mainly experienced in the USA, where the birth of composite decking was created; the USA and China led the way for the manufacture of wood plastic composites using the latest machine technology borrowed from the aerospace and car industries.

To solve the first generation of WPC issues, the birth of second-generation composite decking was introduced with a plastic layer or capped shield technology that covered the entire composite decking board.

The new shielded technology also helped to further resist staining and UV fading, guaranteeing the colour you first purchased stays that colour during the deck’s lifetime. The shielded layer repels dirt and liquids from penetrating the decking board’s core. It also offers protection against mould, mildew, cracking, wrapping and crumbling. A 25-year warranty is also standard for that added peace of mind. The Ultra-Shield composite decking board covers four of the six sides to allow for easy moisture transfer and dissipation between the deck board and the environment.

Ultra-Shield technology ensures an ultra-low maintenance decking solution that will retain and keep its natural colour for decades and ensures that each board will not stain.

Spills of liquid, drinks and sauces are no longer an issue as the board absorbs almost no water and is easily and simply wiped clean. The Ultra-Shield technology also protects your composite decking from mother nature’s toughest elements resisting even mould and mildew over the deck’s 25+ years of life.

One of the biggest features and benefits of the Ultra-Shield technology is the surface texture which is indistinguishable from wood. With the introduction of the shielded technology, customers loved all the benefits offered by second-generation composite decking. That said, not all was perfect, as the finish of this new shielded technology had a cheap plastic appearance, unlike some of today’s authentic and natural wood looks.

  • Non-Slip

  • Stain Resistant

  • Reversible

  • Eco Friendly

  • Low Maintenance

  • Never Fades*

Ultra-Decking listened and took these customer comments on board with a promise to our customers to solve this unappealing plastic appearance. With further research and development, Ultra Composites 2018 launched their natural line, also known as the Ultra-Signature range.

The new surface of the Ultra-Signature boards was a breakthrough in beauty and aesthetics, offering a truly natural wood finish and appearance. The new Ultra Signature range is like no other wood plastic composite (WPC) decking board in today’s market. The new Ultra Signature range of composite decking boards is stunning to look at with a genuine, authentic wood look texture with a mix of natural earth colour tones.

To see the benefits of the new Ultra-Signature range, we urge all customers to view these boards at full length to fully appreciate the attention to detail and the natural wood grain finish. Small samples of the boards don’t do it justice. Feedback from customers is nothing but positive, with comments such as “beyond ecstatic”, “I can’t believe it’s not wood”, and “over the moon, couldn’t be happier”.

None of the videos or images on our website is airbrushed or manipulated with photo-enhancing software. Ultra-Decking does its utmost to show you the true finish and quality of all WPC products in our portfolio. Seeing the new Signature range in the flesh is to believe its unique finish, beauty and quality of these stunning new composite decking boards.

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