Grooved Or Ungrooved Boards

Now you have decided on your composite decking product, colour and size of board you require, your next question may be grooved or ungrooved finish.

The Differences between Grooved and Ungrooved Boards

The differences between grooved and ungrooved are in the construction of extra side. A solid board will more than likely be an ungrooved finish and hallow board a grooved finish most of the time. These two differences do change the look of your decking and installation.

With an ungrooved board, you will drill the composite deck boards with screws on the top of the board in which is visible.

On an un-grooved board will fix onto the hidden fasteners on the groves and screw them into place in which will not be visible after installation and is the ideal choice when choosing your decking.

The reason this is the most ideal customer and the choice we made when manufacturing our ultra-decking products is it produces a more polished and neat look once your installation is completed the beauty of the wood grain pattern truly takes Centre stage with no visible screws on display.

Installing grooved boards with hidden deck fasteners will increase safety at home or at your commercial property as child pets or client will never have to deal with surface nails coming into contact with bare feet

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