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Composite Decking Costs

How much is composite decking versus wood

Purchasing Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking is a higher upfront investment when compared to the cost of softwood timber decking solution. However, during the lifespan of WPC composite decking when compared to the cost of ongoing maintenance and yearly upkeep of painting and straining, choosing a composite decking solution is a no-brainer since a composite deck is not only more economical, it saves a lot more time due to the minimal maintenance required. The overall life span of composite decking can reach beyond 35 years if maintained correctly, most supplier and manufacturers offer a 10-25 year warranty depending on which generation of composite decking and its core profile. Below we will look at like for like cost of generations, so you can early work out the costs and which decking solution is best for your needs, these costs have been work out on an average deck installation of 25 square metres.

Maintenance Costs

As you can see from the table above composite decking is not only more intelligent, durable and ultra-low maintenance with minimal colour change on first generation and near to none on second generation its also hugely more cost affect throughout its life span and most importantly saves time so you can enjoy your ultra-low maintenance decking & garden.

Now if we are being realistic some people may be thinking I’ll just do little or no maintenance on my softwood wood decking and save the costs that way, Let’s review this option below.

Little or No Maintenance

Composite Decking is a higher upfront cost, however as you can see the time and cost of maintaining a wood deck over the years can be very time consuming and costly. Should you decide not to maintain your wood deck, it will very quickly become a hazard and well, rather ugly due to discolouring, cracks, rot and so on. If selling your property, estate agents and experts advise replacing an old wood deck as this will have a detrimental effect on the value of your property.

After approximately 5 years a wood deck will require replacement to another wood deck, a composite deck or another alternative further increasing your costs for materials and labour.

Most property experts and discerning customers will opt for a wood plastic composite (WPC) deck given its long-life span, low or no maintenance, saving time and money, and will continue to look great for many years to come.

Studies have shown that the UK general public have embraced outdoor alfresco living, spending less time maintaining their gardens and decks to enjoying more leisure time with their friends and families in the great outdoors. A beautiful and long-lasting composite deck requiring minimal maintenance helps them to do just.

Tips to save on Composite Decking upfront costs.

  • Composite decking is just as easy to fit as wooden decking, so you could fit this yourself to save cost.
  • If you do choose to hire a professional, consider getting it fitted in the off-peak season for a possible discounted rate.
  • When choosing a design, our expert advice would be to choose a straight board design and stairs instead of a curved or twist design to save cost of additional wastage.
  • If a different design is what you’re after, use a mix and match on different colour boards or a picture frame using L corners or boards, this way low wastage, style up without upping the overall cost.
  • Know your Composite Decking and pick the right solution for you.


Labour and installation account for nearly two-thirds of total costs. We can help you find an installer, or you can do it yourself.


Raw materials could include a substructure, decking, railing, hardware and add-ons. And that’s only a portion of the total cost of a composite deck.


Size and shape make a big difference. Both help determine the materials and labour costs of your composite deck.

Composite Decking Cost by Ultra Decking

Budget and price are a key factor when choosing your deck. Ultra-Decking believes all customers should expect to receive the very best in product quality, after sales service and support without the high prices that many of Ultra Decking’s competitors are demanding.

Therefore, at Ultra Decking we offer all different types of composite decking boards suited for all budgets.